Please, help me...

  • Please, I need your help.

    I downloaded the game last friday and started playing on saturday morning. I must say it was a great game......

    Yes, it was, because my problems started after noon, as below

    - The launcher is 99,9% not responding.

    - When it manages to pass to login screen, it sticks in black screen (loading) or I get time out.

    - When it manages to pass the login, when I start a match, it sticks at 1 sec to start the match or I get time out.

    - When it manages to start the match, I can walk, throw granades but I can't fire.

    However, once I could start a single player and it was working fine, but as soon as I changed to multiplayer I got the same problem again.

    I have also tried several fresh installs, 4 actually, but it is still impossible to play.

    Could you please help me ?

  • Hi,

    can you please let us know from which region you're trying to play, in which server you're playing and what's the name of your internet provider? On first thought it highly sounds like a connection problem. Does it also occur on other servers?

  • Hello Helix.

    I am playing from Brazil.

    Servers are set to auto.

    My internet provider is Vivo, a local provider.

    I don't think it is related to connection as I can play other online games just fine, including servers abroad.

    The only different thing I remember from morning to noon was the keyboard set. I have a Logitech G810 and I was trying to map the keys through LGHub software also running rivaturner, to check the performance for the settings I choose.

  • The thing is, many other players from Brazil under the internet provider Vivo are reporting similar issues as yours regarding the infinite loading black screen. Especially since the patch. Hence, it looks like a connection issue only to ironsight. Did it start since the last patch for you as well? For now we have forwarded this issue internally and hope that we will find a solution to that asap.