A Note on Repair Costs

  • Hello everyone,

    In our latest patch, there were some changes to the overall GP flow of the game and many of you found the changes detrimental to your game experience.

    We hear your feedback clearly.

    We've reached out to Wiple Games already. We'll soon come to a decision and take action.

    I'd like to remind you that any potential changes will require development of a patch, meaning it may take a bit of time.

    To ease your mind for the weekend and let you enjoy the new patch, we prepared a little something for you: A package containing 30.000 GP and a 7 Day GP Boost.

    We hope this will help with the current gap and cover your repair costs for the weekend.

    Please go to http://bit.ly/PHOENIXGP and enter PHOENIXGP to acquire the package.

    We apologize for the inconvenience and encourage you to keep sharing your feedback.

    Thank you for your understanding.

    -The Ironsight Team

  • Thumbs up for this. :thumbup:

    As a veteran player, the change didn't affect me that much as i already have most weapons and stuff i wanted, but for new players (which you need and want to get addicted to the game) the change was too much.

    Good to see that you heard the community.:thumbup:

  • You had a tarnished name from your 'past ways' and I seen on a message board once someone on your team said "Give us a chance on Ironsight! We're a different Group and not the same people! This reinforces that 100%. Very Classy Stuff Aeria Games. Faith restored!

  • I feel exactly the same with a knife bug, every time I have this bug I thought very intently about the chopper, today I was thinking about you Director, I was thinking about you, and words that neighbors heard ... let's say they are suitable for a sharp movie for adults.. ;)

  • Here is what they need to do and hope they do;

    Revert the assault rifle stats back to what they were

    Nerf smg's more they are still far Superior then assault rifles.....still not sure how to balance this. Maybe, reduce the smgs dmg at the medium range to stop players from hipfiring at a effect ar ranges. basically, you can hitfire the p90, mp5, and the pp9000 at an effective range close to the ar's so there isn't really a incentive to choose assault rifles when you have Smg's that have more fire rate and better accuracy and give you the same range.....idk if this is making sense hehe...hard to explain

    Snipers need more penalty DSR, Blazer so many quick scopes....the quick scopers need to go and play krunker,io and leave ironsight alone hahah

  • I disagree. ARs are far superior to SMGs at any range above around 20m. You might want to check that you don't have a super wide FoV setting that is artificially increasing the depth of field.

    Agree about the BA snipers though. Nerfing everything else is an indirect buff to them, and they were already pretty strong.

  • ARs exceed smgs at any range that is more than 15m atleast, since they still have their full damage, better accuracy than a smg. SMGs are MEANT to exceed at CQC, they're designed to win most fights in CQC, but that doesn't mean that they need to be useless at long ranges. For me, the balance is fine, I almost never use smgs, and when I do, I feel like they are in a good place atm.

  • Thats fine, your welcome to have your own opinion....I know at least for me the ar's shouldn't of got changed now they are in a worst state....Before this patch the ar stats were in a good place now they aren't. Had 15 games last monday and the majority of the players are using SMG's...ironsight is now all hipfiring and toxic af....don't get me wrong ironsight is still the best free to play fps game out there but in my opinion they should of left the AR's alone and nerfed the smg's and snipers...

    SMG's can be just as effective at ar range....which they shouldn't be because then there isn't any pro to using an ar over an smg....I get hipfired from medium range where AR's should have the upper hand compared to the smgs...but for some reason the smg are better all around which is why you are seeing everyone using SMG's over AR's

    anyways, this is what i notice and feel and you can agree or disagree my thought are here for the devs mostly....

  • I would like to note I found a bug with this patch that should be checked associated with the Repair Cost system....

    1) Have a weapon that is a temporary rental (Say Dragon Fang SG553)

    2) Start a game with a repairable gun.

    3) Die.

    4) Use the Rental (Dragon Fang) for the rest of the game.

    At the end you'll find you been charged on the repairable gun so much that it's jaw dropping. (THAT'S ABOUT MY WHOLE MATCH PAYOUT!)

    I don't know if anyone found it already, but it's infuriating to have this happen.

  • wait, so if I use a repairable gun, and after that switch for a remted one, at the end of the match all durability ""!used"" from the rented one will be to the repairable gun? wut?

  • Yep

  • All we know Ironsight is a basically free to play game and the service can not run without our payment. Additionally, I understand you do the best through trial and error to keep this game as long as possible.

    However, users' disadvantage caused by sudden and secret changes will destroy the good relationship between Aeria and us. If you had announced or compensated us for it before, our shock would have be more smaller.

    In addition, the increasing GP's value is going to have serious effects in the game. For example, we can not use a time-limited equipment (like special bullets, powerful lethal and non-lethal) as easily as before. And then, getting a common skin gun will be hard work for us today. The latter issue is particularly severe for new users who do not have enough guns yet. No wonder these have big influences in the game.

    So, I'm worried about what adjustments will be made from now on and whether Ironsight will go to pay to win. Of course, I respect your decision and hope this changes will lead to satisfying results for both Aeria and users.

  • I certainly do hope that either GP rewards are increased, repair costs are decreased or item prices are decreased such that gaining GP does not become a burden anymore.

    One thing everyone should know, is that one of the main reasons why a player grinds so hard in a videogame, is purely because of rewards. If the rewards are lackluster, or is hindered in any way, players simply won't grind anymore, and will move on.

    Rewards should defiantly be worth of the grind.

  • KiraJava In case you missed it, we have a new code that you can get from here. Has a boost and some GP, should allow you to play as usual : )

    Yep, I used it, and it was really nice of you guys to do that btw, quite a few companies would duck their heads and wait for it to blow over instead doing something like discussing things and handing out passes.

    I simply can't pass up that kind of saving on repair costs lol.

  • Hi everyone!

    Weekly update here. Process is ongoing!

    We actually just received a version for the fix, but it needs to be deployed to internal servers, tested and then deployed to live.

    If nothing goes terribly wrong, this will happen in the next two weeks. If everything goes according to keikaku, it will be live next week \m/

    Keeping the promise, I went ahead and prepared another code for the weekend. You can find it here.

    Being the bossman, I might have even added a little tiny something on top of the regular content.

    Also, a weird code.

    Anyway, thanks once again for your understanding and enjoy the weekend.

    PS: Unfortunately, I still haven't gotten to HQ Report :( But I'll do my best to get it done next week.

  • Well cant complain about free stuff but we all know that the monkey boxes are GLORIFIED 50 Chip boxes. Better get on that balancing of loot distribution guys before the antilootbox bill is in full swing. Because the way you guys currently have your boxes... we aren't JUST buying skins. We are buying the guns themselves afterall. Furthermore if someone does burn their money on buying monkey boxes well... guess that's categorized as gambling. If said persons age just happens to be on the young side thats an even bigger mess...

    So basically I have a good roadmap to follow if your interested lol. keep working on the netcode, better anticheat, steam release, and then spend a lot of time on balancing the lootbox rewards. Just my 2 cents.