Something Special?

  • can we just have the game be playable before we get new stuff?

    not gonna happen in atleast 1 more year.

    Anyway, seems like we're getting FFA, or a domination-like mode

    Whats the point of it if barely anyone can play


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  • Hardcore mode...i would enjoy that but it´s not really special i guess..maybe like an infected mode?

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  • Hey look, we'll get more skins that nobody will get since they'll have a chance of 0.00000001% of dropping from gp/chips cases YAY. I really hope its not like the biolab update, with only new skins and a map, it's pathethic since even the map wasn't new to begin with, I really, really hope there's atleast some bug fixes.

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  • I've given some of that feedback in other topics but for clarity, I'll reiterate it here.

    So first the good. Graphics update is great. Return of ranked is welcome. Old man AK is fire. Improvements to the chat and the options for adding people to your group are good. I like the idea of the pass and am looking forward to seeing how that plays out.

    The bad. Across the board nerfs to the ARs are nonsensical. Changes to the cross hairs are unnecessary. The changes to the drone loadouts are really annoying to people like me who like to have different set drone loadouts for each weapon class. The changes to obstacling are unnecessary and slow the game for no good reason. The new loadout page is cluttered.

    The horrible. The changes to repair costs are practically suicidal. The no fire after sprint bug is an absolute buzz kill.

    Most horrible of all is the fact that despite the poor reception of many of these issues by the Russian version of the game, they have apparently been implemented lock, stock and barrel into this one without any reference to player feedback whatsoever. That makes me question whether it is worth anyone's time providing feedback at all.

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  • Hey Flloyd I am just wondering how much weight do you and your team have when trying to push changes/fixes to the game. I know many aspects of game design and business decisions affect what needs to be implemented and may be out of your control. Let's say you tell the developers "Hey this needs to be fixed/added!" What would you say is the percentage of weight your team has on pushing through that idea?


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  • Agreed.

    I don't like the Old Man AK though. Well, I DO like that it's a decidedly different and creative look instead of just a fancy colored barely different skin, I simply don't like how it looks. Not my taste lol.

    The reason I'm quoting you instead of making a thread, is you've pretty much summed up my thoughts and I'm seconding them, but I'd put the drone loadout change into the horrible section.

    It's pissing me off beyond reason having to choose a loadout, then choose the drones I usually use with that loadout, then pray that the game type and map is what I set it up for. If it isn't, then I have to pray that there's enough time to change it or that I don't get dropped into a game in progress.