[EVENT] Once upon a time!

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    Tales about great adventures and heroes in shiny armor are known in the world. Ironsight has heroes and tales to talk about as well, but not many are known to the people! Therefore, we ask you to be our brothers Grimm to tell us the tales about certain heroes!


    Another story time is upon us and we want to hear of the untold stories of the heroes of the lifetime. You can participate by writing a story of a mercenary (in English only) in the times of Ironsight as an epic tale. The story should contain between 300-600 words.

    You will need to include in the story at least 15 of the following 25 words.

    Tsunami Dragon Fang Sirocco Valery Sarah
    Metal Reaper Hydra Oceanfront C4 Sniper
    Overlab Hellbird Neil Wild Old Man Karambit
    Headquarter SCAR-H Royal Jester Operation Silencer
    ACOG Crawler Sentinel Bio Lab reload


    This event will be running until the 1st of June, 23:59 CEST ! (Rewards will be sent after internal voting.)

    rewards (2).png

    The best story writer will receive a blue (advanced) weapon of choice and 5 Angry Monkey Boxes

    Every serious participant will receive 20 Chips, a Charm Slot Ticket and 3 Superior Supply Boxes.


    • Only 1 submission by participant (if more than one time submitted, only the first submission will be taken into consideration).
    • Your submission must be posted into this thread.
    • Your submission has to be in English and needs to feature 15 of the 25 words mentioned above.
    • Do not plagiarize or copy another person's entry.
    • Please make sure your entry follows the format as given and shown on the example above.
    • Nothing inappropriate, insulting or similar.
    • We reserve the right to disqualify any submission that may breach the rules of the contest or our ToS!
    • No exceptions for participation outside of the set time frame will be given. Sorry!
    • The winner will be decided by the Team.
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  • It is the year 3019. The world is overrun by Old Man Helix and his army of Sentinel robots. The human race has been fighting the onslaught of robotic invaders for over a decade. We know that it is a war we cannot win but this cause is worth dying for. After all, the Earth is our home the last thing we have left. The final stronghold for the human race lies in Vienna, the heart of Europe. We are currently are holding off an attack on the Vienna Ring Road or as they call it, ‘Ringstrasse.’ Over the river is Helix and his robot army. I see enemy transport ships dropping another shipment of Metal Reapers while hearing the sounds of gunfire overhead.

    By my side is the love of my life, Princess Solaria. I’ve always admired her since she left her comfortable royal life to join the fight against the invaders. We met in Operation Tsumani when the sentinels overtook Britain and our team were trying to hold off the rest of the European invasion. We were by the waterfront fort in Amsterdam and the moment I saw her, I was immediately mesmerized by her beauty. She was scoping in on enemy troops with her DSR-1 Overlab and her bright blonde hair was flowing gracefully behind her, evidence of her royal bloodline. She’s a fierce fighter that knows how to handle a sniper, making every shot count and never takin more than 1 bullet to kill an enemy. The other women in my life like Sarah and Valery were tough, but none were as strong as Solaria. I knew she was endgame material but we will never be together before the war is over. Vienna is our last mission.



    I quickly duck down into the trench to avoid the raining bullets. The princess
    holds her ground.

    “Don’t worry Neil. I got this,” Solaria says before scoping in on the
    hellbird and firing a shot.



    When I over the trenches, I see flames rising over a crashed hellbird. It’s a
    small victory over the impending doom that’s quickly approaching. The Sentinels
    are edging closer to our position. I zoom into my ACOG scope and drop more
    enemies with the SCAR-H. As I reload my gun, I see my teammates falling over
    like dominoes and I hear,


    Blood splattered on the side of my gun. I look over to see a rookie fall next
    to me. His nametag reads, “Corporal Flloyd.” You served the human race well my
    friend. After years in the fight I’ve been desensitized to scenes like this.

    Solaria says “Leave him, it’s no use to save him now!”

    Metal Reapers just crossed the shallow river and enemy bomber drones are now flying
    above us.

    “We need to retreat!” I yell as I grab the Princess’s hand.

    We sprint back to through the deep trenches. As the thick European mud made our feet sink into the ground, we almost trip over the path of
    dead bodies.


    Next thing I know, I’m laying on my back and my whole body aches with pain. I roll
    my head to the side and see Princess Solaria is coughing up blood. Her blonde
    hair, now mixed with sweat, blood and tears, is covering part of her still beautiful


    This is the first time I’ve seen her cry.

    She closes her eyes and say, “I don’t want to die. I don’t like this. It’s over.”

    As the red lightning beam of the Zeus edges towards us, I pull her closer, look
    into her bright green eyes and say, “Look at me! Nothing else matters, only us.”

    Ingame name: IAMAFETUS

    Blue weapon: Famas


    ~~ Competitive Player ~~

    ~ Join the largest competitive Ironsight community at https://discord.gg/CFDRWHn ~

    ~ 1.5K members, daily pugs, seasonal cash prizes and tournaments ~

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    It was raining heavily down in the Amazonian jungles. There were reports about EDEN staging an ambush against the NAF facilities in the Middle East. The NAF responded by sending a small strike force comprised with Neil Wild, Valery, and Sirocco to rendezvous with Kali who is already there for scouting purposes.

    “Where is Kali?” Asks Sirocco. He and the others looks around for any suspicious activities in the forest.

    There is some rustling of the leaves ahead as Neil holds his fist up in the air to signal for the squad to freeze. The rustling grows louder and louder until it is really close. Suddenly, Kali pops up. Neil’s team points their sights at her.

    ”Hey. Hey. There were patrols around. I had to keep quiet. These sentinels have really good awareness, ” Kali says.

    Neil replies, ”So what are we facing?” The group huddles.

    ”They are staging up with Metal Reapers, sentinels and some infantry. I have also spotted a fuel tank that we can arm with C4s.”

    “Alright, let’s make this quick and clean. We will extract at 0600.” Neil and the rest move towards the staging area of EDEN.

    Few klicks out of the area, they encountered a patrol. Sirocco with his unparalleled marksmanship and armed with SCAR-H Battle Rifle takes aim through his Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight (ACOG). He fires one round for each of the two sentinels. No enemy would hear the gunshot as he has a silencer attached onto the barrel.

    Hiding behind the leaves, the squad takes a look at the staging area one last time before going to the fuel tank.

    “Something’s not right,” Kali comments, “The patrols are in different patterns from the first time I scouted. It may be a set up.”

    Valery replies back, “We won’t know if we don’t test it ourselves.”

    “Alright. Valery and Kali, you two go to the right to make a light show. Sirocco and I will make a diversion if needed. We will meet back here once it's all set,” Neil instructed.

    They split up but little did they know EDEN already knew their advance. Kali and Valery reaches to the fuel tank. Kali then arms the C4 as Valery makes a lookout. Kali radios in all set and the team heads towards the extraction point.

    Just then, EDEN springs its trap. The ground opens and Hydras come up. They start to shoot at Valery and Kali. It was back in Operation: Oceanfront where EDEN learned how NAF operates.

    Valery shouts into the radio, “We have been compromised. Repeat. We have been compromised.”

    Neil replies, “Head to the exfil now!” Neil and Sirocco then moves to a better position to cover the girls so they can get back to the jungles. Sirocco snipes few down as the enemy approaches closer to Valery and Kali then reloads. Neil releases the hellbird and pilots it.

    Kali shouts to Valery as they run, “Catch the detonator! Someone has to make it out alive to trigger it!” Valery understands the situation and without hesitation catches it and keeps on running. Kali turns around and surrenders stalling the enemy a bit just in time for Valery to disappear into the forest.

    Back at Headquarters, the team gets a debrief but with Kali marked as KIA...

    weapon: chrome ak12

    (chapter 2 will be made if another contest of this comes up)


    <3Yellow Star with dark Background<3

    <3Celebrations DSR<3

    <3Quickscoping most of the time<3





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  • I'm 22 years old and I work at a nursing home. There is an Old Man that goes by the name Sirocco. I hear a lot of rumors about this man being a War Vet and he looked rather young for someone in a nursing home.

    "I heard he took on a Metal Reaper, a Hellbird and a Hydra all at once Sarah." said one of the Nurses.

    "He's just crazy Valerie. I wouldn't believe anything he says," replied the other.

    One day as I was pushing the lunch cart around, the Old Man motioned to me, "Boy, come here..."

    "Do you know why I am this nursing home? Because a Tsunami hit my safehouse near the Oceanfront. That's why, but the stories you hear aren't true. I am going to die soon and you need to take this Data Drive to a place called Overlab Headquarters. It contains information on an ancient Biolab from WW2." He put it in my shirt pocket.

    And then he began to whisper...

    "I will die tonight due to those nurses. After I die you need to go underneath my bed and grab a large suitcase. I'm sorry to put you through this, but I have no choice. I thought I could hide here, but even then they found me. Oh and beware of the Sniper when you leave."

    And as it came to pass, he died and then I wondered... What's in his room. I went for the case and opened. I was surprised to find in it a full combat kit. It had SCAR-H with a silencer and ACOG attached along with a Karambit inside. And then something unexpected happened.... I was surprised by the door slamming open.

    "Give us the Drive!" said Sarah holding a gun.

    "Voice recognition accepted. C4 activated... This package will self destruct in 5 minutes."

    "WHAT!?" Exclaimed Sarah and that's when I grabbed the SCAR and shot her. I proceeded to reload and grab the knife running out of the Nursing home like a madman. Suddenly when I exited I was hit in the shoulder. The sniper! I had forgotton about the sniper! I laid still and figured it came from a rooftop. As I collected my senses, I heard steps far off. It was time to play dead and I prepared the knife.

    "Funny, I never expected the old man to be a recruiter..."

    It was Valerie and that's when I proceeded to stab her in the foot. She screamed in pain and I proceeded to knock her out with an uppercut. As I stood up I looked at the Sniper rifler by her side. I walked off and went to my car.

    It took a while, but I finally got to Overlab. They asked me for my name and that's when I said

    "My name is Neil Wild. What do I do now?"

    "You become a mercenary, son if you want to live another day," Said the captain.

    "Well I hope to live more days then Sirocco did."

    "I'm sure you will kid. I'm sure you will."


    All words used are underlined on first use for ease of count.

    IGN: IndygoEEI

    Weapon of Choice: M39 EMR

  • Flashing lights, a shockwave stretching across the landscape, a sensation of heat all around my body. Another bright light. Where am I? Who are these people? and why does my face hurt so much?

    “Good morning Mr. Sirocco.”


    “How are you feeling?

    “Excuse me, but where am I?”

    “That doesn’t matter right now, how are you feeling?”

    “I’m alright, I guess.”

    “Mhm.. Okay Mr. Sirocco, You are free to stand up and move around the complex now. We’ll come back to you in a couple of hours.”

    “Yea, sure but will you tell me where I am now?”


    The old man leaves the room.

    Upon further inspection I seem to be in some kind of hospital room. I’m kinda confused, I can’t really recall what happened before I got here.

    I stand up and walk across the room. There’s an infusion going the soft part of my arm, the liquid seems to be pretty clean. I walk over to the nearest mirror. What the hell is that? There’s a mask on my face, is that what’s causing the pain? After a few minutes of simply inspecting the mask I realize that it somehow seems to be stuck to my face, trying to take it off just results in more pain and I really don’t want to make it worse than it already is.

    I walk out of my room, still a bit startled by the mask on my face and the fact that I can’t remember anything that happened before this. Suddenly there’s a loud thump going through the halls of the complex. And then another one, followed by even more. They’re getting louder. Before I know it there’s a robot standing infront of me with the words “Metal Reaper” printed on it.

    It casually walks by and disappears around a corner soon after.

    I continue walking and come by a window, there seems to be some kind of Bio Lab a few miles distant. I kinda feel like I know the place...

    After a few minutes I return to my room and lay down again. I feel pretty exhausted from the small walk I took and sleep in not much later.

    I start dreaming. I seem to be on some kind of operation, MP9 with silencer in one hand, karambit in the other. The enemy is basically rolling over us. I sit behind a glass container waiting for the enemy to come around and rush my position any second now. Suddenly the wall next to me explodes, the enemy has breached through with C4.

    I wake up, now remembering what happened. The enemy has captured me.

    I follow the Metal Reaper that I saw before and - Jackpot. It lead me right to their security room, good thing Sarah taught me how to pick locks.

    I grab a SCAR-H with an ACOG on it and a Crawler just for good measure.

    I run back to the window that I went by before and blow it wide open with the Crawler. On my way back to the Bio Lab I’m able to backstab the enemy. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. I stopped counting after that, I must’ve killed so many. When I finally got there Neil and Valery where the last ones standing.

    We were ready to fight until the bitter end. After what felt like an eternity of never ending trigger pulling and reloading of our guns we heard a Hellbird approach from behind us and the almost forgotten sound of our Radio. The Hellbird was friendly and came to bring us back to HQ.

    I’m ready to fight another battle like that any day.

    I want to feel the adrenaline rush again.


    Words: 614

    Keywords: 16 (printed in bold and underlined for ease of counting and verification)
    Chosen Character: Sirocco

  • Callsign: f.lix2504

    Operation ignition

    Everything was normal in the NAF Headquarter. “Sirocco?!”, Sarah shouted. But…why would she shout my name in the morning, did anything happen? She kept shouting. I walked away from the window; the view was beautiful. Oceanfront fully frozen, even there was a tsunami there last summer. I walked in the kitchen. “Where is Neil? He is always up at this time.”, I said without a clue. “That’s the problem!”, Sarah said. “What problem?!”, I was scared. A hologram message appeared, it said: “Operation ignition, Agent Neil Wild stole a few weapons and C4 from the Headquarter. Cameras caught him getting in a helicopter to fly to Bio Lab. It seemed like he planted C4 all around the building.”

    He is such a good soldier he wouldn’t do bad things. He always designed cool weapon designs when he was bored. I still remember his first one, “Dragon Fang” he even designed it for an old Asian comrade of him.

    The message continued: “But we can’t see a thing, something broke the cameras, we don’t know what he wants to do. Sirocco, you are our best sniper. Get your rifle, a silencer and stop him.”

    I don’t want to kill him! But if I don’t…am I a deserter then?

    Sarah tapped on my shoulder. It looks like she’s holding a crawler in her Hand. “Sarah, this isn’t a normal one…right?”, I asked. “You are right”, Sarah said,” It has more C4. Just in case you need it...” I just said: “Thank you, but I won’t kill my friends. I will talk to him.”

    A tear dropped out of her eye. “Come back, please, and take Neil with you!”, she said. I just said, “Understood.” I dressed up and took my rifle with me. I quickly walked to the helicopter. Then, after the flight, I arrived at Bio Lab and wouldn’t believe what I just saw. There was Neil, fighting against sentinels. I rushed into the building.

    “Neil ?!”, I shouted trough the building.

    “Sirocco? Leave me alone I do this just for you and…for Sarah so go!”, He said. I rushed and shot a few sentinels till I stood next to him.

    “I would rather die than watching you sacrifice yourself.”, I said that with all my passion. After intense minutes of fighting Neil noticed:“Ok…This Room seems empty…”. So we walked in. “Enemy Hydra!”, I shouted. I wasn’t fast enough, Neil got hit in the leg and I heard sentinels coming towards us. “Leave…my friend…”, Neil said sadly. He only got hit in the leg, he won’t die, but the wound was deep. Neil shouted:” Look out!” I saw the sentinel, I didn’t have any bullets left. I took Neil’s karambit from his pocket and trough it in the head of the sentinel. We got out of the building as fast as possible. I took the crawler that Sarah gave me and activated it. Neil asked: “Is this the end?” I nearly cried. The crawler exploded and Neil's C4 with it. All the sentinels are gone, the few things of the Lab that still stand are burning. I heard something. I heard how it came towards us. I closed my eyes and waited. It hailed bullets. I didn’t want to open my eyes, not yet. Something exploded in front of us. I opened my eyes. Something bright flashes in my eyes. It was the light from our Hellbird? Yes, we got saved! So we returned to the Headquarter, where Sarah awaited us with tears in her eyes. Now it is nearly 8 Years ago, but I will always remember it.

    blue (advanced) weapon of choice: Chrome M4 ACC-M

    600 Words

    16/25 Words used

    I hope you liked it ^^

  • F-r-titlu.png A story about Neil Wild

    When Neil Wild applied to the Marines in 2022, they laughed in his face. So he applied to the Air Force, and they also laughed in his face. Then he applied for the Army, and they figured they could always use another grunt to absorb gunfire, so they let him in. He wasn't particularly good at it, and they actually tried to get him transferred to be a cook after he passed out halfway through training. He insisted that he wanted to fight though, so they sent him into the maelstrom.

    During the invasion of NAF he was promoted to corporal for his awesome shooting skills, and at the same time contracted malaria, which he had for almost the entire war. Try to remember that.

    He was sent to Oceanfront in 2023. He encountered a NAF machine Metal Reaper who pretended they were surrendering, then shot his best buddy's, Sirocco & Valery. Neil completely hulked out, killed everyone, then used their weaponry and some c4 to kill every baddie in a 100-yard radius, including two more Hellbird and a bunch of snipers. They gave him a Distiguished Service Cross Sentinel, and made him platoon commander while everyone apologized profusely for calling him "Crawler."

    About half a year later, his company was given the job of defending the Bio Lab, a critical region in EDEN, even though all they had left was 19 guys (out of the original 128) and a couple of Metal Reapers.

    The NAF showed up like a tsunami with a shitload of guys and half a dozen Metal Reapers. Since reinforcements weren't coming for a while, Neil Wild and his men hid in a trench and sent the Metal Reaper's to go do the heavy lifting. They got ripped to shreds.

    Then, this kid with malaria, drop his SCAR-H and ran up to one of the crippled Metal Reaper, hopped in behind the .50 cal machine gun, and started killing everything in sight. Understand that the Metal Reaper was on fire, had a full tank of gas and was basically a death-trap.

    He kept going for almost an hour until he was out of bullets, then walked back to his bewildered men as the Metal Reaper exploded in the background Mad Max style. They gave him literally every medal they could (33 in all, although he had doubles of a few, plus five from Oceanfront and one from Bio Lab), including the Medal of Honor.

    After the war, he maried Sarah and still in touse days you can find him in game by name H3llShadox!

    He has his own Headquarter by the name Royal Jester to train newcomers...

    This is the story for now, maybe i will tell you about the secound one with the Karambit and his new Operation, but this will be a story for the next event! See ya in the game.

    H3llShadox reporting out!

  • Operation A1

    I'm Neil Wild and this is story of my first Operation.

    I wake up at night, it is still dark, outside the window autumn grayish weather, rain gentry hits my window. I wipe my eyes from fatigue, I look at my watch, it's only the fifth, but I remembered that it is this day, today my dreams will come true... I will discover other planets, maybe even new civilizations, I will travel with dizzying speed. Yes I have to get dressed as quickly as possible and run to Professor Sirocco

    I was so excited that today is this big peration day. Over the last two months, the time has gone terribly and especially for the last week. After I came to the professor's headquarter. I knocked on the door but nobody opened it, I knocked yet once and again, but still no answer. "Maybe he's in the Bio Lab" I thought, "he the last time checks the machine that i will fly?". I went to the Bio Lab behind the HQ, and as I expected, my professor was there and he was welding the last part of my rocket. It looked very impressive. The whole was covered with some special material, shape resembling a sphere.

    - Hi Proffesor - i said

    - Welcome, are you ready for the cosmic adventure? - proffesor said

    - Yes - I answered - When do we start?

    - Immediately - he replied - the spacesuit's is in the cabinet C4, put it on and come to me.

    I went there where my outfit lay. I put it in quickly and I went back to my mentor.

    I entered the rocket and sat down behind the cockpit. I turned on the engines, everything started to buzz, and I started! Moments later, I didn't see too much, only small houses like blocks. Control wasn't hard, because the designer thought about it. I saw before me a notebook in which was written how to fly to the planet called Dragon Fang. In notebook everything passed through my window so quickly.

    After about 1 hour I saw the planet in front of me, I slowed down, everything matched the description. The planet was purple, it looked like from some kind of gas, there were metal buildings everywhere. Yes, it is the planet Dragon Fang!

    I landed. Everything was different here, it walked like a watt, legs sank In substrate. Two suns shone very strongly and there was a very unpleasant smell. Suddenly, two figures appeared in front of me. They were Sentinels, Valery and Sarah, with Old Man weapons and Karambits attache to the belt.

    I read about them in a book. I inferred from their behavior that they aren’t peaceful towards me. When they rushed at me with Crawlers, I started to run away. I ran to my spacecraft and I took off already. Then I saw with horror that one of them started aiming probably by SCAR-H at my vehicle, but I was far away and his power didn't reach me. Then enemy entered the Hellbird and started chasing me, luckily my machine was better and i escaped.

    I remembered the way return to Earth. I came back faster than it might seem. I landed on our headquarter. It was night and I was very tired. I went to bed quickly. I wanted to tell everything to the professor, but now I'm too tired... and I fell asleep. I dreamed that instead of the Sentinel warriors, I met an technologically backward civilization and what funny they was talking in the same language as me...

    Weapon: Chrome M4 ACC-M

    Words: 600

    Nickname: PieWithCream

  • Oil rig intervention

    Its the year 2026. NAF has finally captured the ocean front 2 weeks ago. Many soldiers died but a few are still left and ist now their mission to secure the oceanfront and protect it against potential enemys.

    My Name is Wild. Neil Wild. Yesterday I got the order from the headquarters to move out and secure together with Sarah and Valery an oil rig not far from our Position. It belonges to America but Russia send in their EDEN troops and took it away from us. As american patriot its now not only my order, ist my duty to take it back from them! It won't be easy because they filled the place with their Sentinel robots but I'm not scared. I was never scared and I wont be.

    Finally our troop transporter arrives and lands so he can take us to the oil rig. The moment we try to infiltrate the rig, an allied Hell Bird will give us cover so we can get in, lost in the caused chaos. We check our gear and get ready for the lift. I modifyed my Scar-H extra for this one Special job. I gave it a Grey color so it will be more difficult to be seen. I changed some other parts too. I put on a silencer and an ACOG sight. Perfect for the long range combat I normaly prefer. As secondary I choosed my loved Spas-12. Very effective against those anoying Sentinels. Valery choosed a sniper. She is going to use an overlab DSR-1 to take them out from the highest chimney the oil rig has. As secondary she more prefers pistols. She is going to use a Px4 storm. Sarah has the most light Equipment. She choosed a MP-7 and a M320 grenade launcher. She will carry the C4 too we need to destroy the platform. The Government decided that its impossible to secure the location.

    (now in the troop Transporter, the oil rig in sight)

    Radio voice:" Ok Team Hydra. Time to end that thing. Get ready for deploy."

    We all release the safety catches of our guns and put on the parachuts. A clock counts down from 20 to 0. Sarah and I will jump at 5, Valery at 0 so she can get to the chimney. The number appeared and we jump out. The air blows near my ears. We drop for 5 seconds, than we open our parachuts only 200m over the water. *SPLASH-SPLASH* We crash into the water. Man that hurt. Those parachuts are made to let us survive such a jump with out getting wounded but for not much more. We climb the ladder at the dock to get inside. We look for the airvent we are meant to climb so we can infiltrate the rig with out getting noticed. I check my gps map. We're nearly at the right point for the first C4 package. Sarah quickly deployes the package and climbs back in. I just secure the spot untill she has finished. We repeat that procedure another 4 times. I start to wonder, why we havent seen at least 1 Sentinel. The place should be filled with them. At the last point I finally see it. A big Metal Reaper is right at the entrence to the airvent, his LMG pointed at us. "FALL BACK! FALL BACK! METAL REAPER!!". We somehow manage to get back behind a massive wall made of concencrate so the moment the MG starts to perforate the entrence nobody got hurt. We are safe. For the moment. The metal reaper starts to destroy the wall with his rocket launcher. Sarah had the safing idea. She put out a crawler an let it crawl outside behind the metal reaper. When the crawler explodes the metal reaper got only scratched but distracted. He turns around and shoots at the Point the crawler was. Just enough time for Sarah to deploy the C4 direct at the metal reaper. Time to get out. We rush out the building, using the hall ways, now knowing that no Sentinels are arround. There. The helicopter platform where we should get lifted out. But where is the stupid helicopter? He was supposed to be there when we leave the building. I suddenly get a voice message over intercom "Enemey Zeus incoming!" We want to run back into the Building. Now many things happend at the same time. I heard the Sound of the massive turbine of the zeus *WHEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSHHHHH* But right when the automatic door opened the Metal Reaper stood infront of us. Now it was Valerys turn to save our lives. Right bevore the LMG could spit out its bullets, she shot a cal.50 Right in the metal reapers head. We rush past him. Right when we heard the *SLAAAASSSSSSHHHHHH* of the immense Zeus lightning. Then the C4 we placed at the Reaper went off. We were supposed to have left before that happens but our Helicopter didnt come. I got thrown in the water. *SPLASH*. Than Darkness.

    I wake up on a bed. Its very bright arround me. I dont know where I am. Finally someone who Looks like a doctor comes in my room. He tells me what happend after my blackout: "It was Sirocco saving your live. He went in Right after we lost contact to the helicopter. he used a hoovercraft to get to you guys as soon as possible but everything was destroyed when he arrived. He only found you and Sarah half dead in the water. Thats now 21 days ago."

    Me:" What About Valery? Where is she?"

    Doctor:"Im sorry. She didnt make it. We believe from the Recordings ur helmet made, that the Zeus killed her Right after she saved your lives"

    Me:"What...? Dead...?"

    Doctor:"Sadly yes. We will have a cerymoney to honor her for her brave intervention. Your country is proud of you. Of all three."


    Ingame Call Name: MartialArts

    B-level gun choosen: havent so far. will add as soon as posible.

  • Once upon a time there was a crazy and evil Old Man named Crawler, he worked in a Bio Labcalled Tsunaminear the Oceanfront.

    Rumors say he was included into an Operation to creat a big weapon like the Hydra to bring war all over the world. He smelted a rare material called Karambit wich is known as the hardest iron on earth, only found in the deep mines of Sirocco.

    The Headquarter knew about Crawler´s operation to creat the new weapon. Neil Wild the head of a special troup named Sentinel, had a plan to stop Crawler before he could finish the new weapon.

    Neil sent out his 2 best soldiers to destroy Crawlers plan. The 2 soldiers were Vallery & Sarah who are also sisters.

    Vallery is known as a deadly Sniper who eliminates targets from far away and also can handle explosives.

    Sarah is a close combat specialist. She and her favourite weapon (a SCAR-Hwith a Silencer and a ACOG attached) are not less deadlier than Vallery.

    Vallery and Sarah flew with the Hellbird near the Bio Lab where Crawler worked.

    The Sisters walked and came closer to the Lab. Close to the Lab they activated an alarm by mistake. Crawler saw on hidden cameras that Vallery and Sarah were coming to end his work. Crawler sent his helper named Royal Jester out to stop both girls. Jester attacked the girls with his Dragon Fang, both girls took cover and traded shots wich didnt connect. After a while Vallery was able to take Jester out with a snipershot. Since they lost some time, they ran to the Lab gate. Infront of the Lab gate they noticed a loud sound. Behind them appeared a big hole and something slowly appeared.

    A never before seen thing appeared out of the hole and Crawler stood on top of it. Vallery and Sarah were wondering what it was.

    Crawler was laughing and said "You are to late ! This is my new weapon called Metal Reaper! You wont have any chance so say goodbye to your life !"

    Crawler entered the Metal Reaper and started shooting on the girls. Both girls took cover and shot back. All bullets rebound of the Metal Reaper. The girls didnt know what they can do, they couldnt do anything because Crawler had to much Ammo. It felt like it would never end for the sisters. After a while Crawler had to reload and both girls started running to the Metal Reaper. At the Metal Reaper, Sarah opened the entrace to the Metal Reaper and Vallery threw a bag full of C4 into it. They ran far away and took cover to press the button and let the bag explode. After the smoke of the explosion disappeared they saw that the Metal Reaper was destroyed.

    Back at the Headquarter the sisters reported Neil that the mission was successful, what they didnt know was, that Crawler was still alive because he was able to jump out of the Metal Reaper. Now Crawler is hiding at another Lab called Overlab and working on ....


    Sorry for my bad english, but since this event is not aviable in german i had to bring up my self teached english ^^

    To be fair i havent counted the words but i hope its enough :)

    IGN: iExiiT

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  • "Camera's online" a voice exclaimed.

    "Excellent." said another "scour what data you can and find out what happened here".

    "yes sir" the first voice replied, and with a flicker, the camera buzzed to life.

    >𝘚𝘤𝘢𝘯𝘯𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘷𝘪𝘥𝘦𝘰 𝘧𝘪𝘭𝘦𝘴 𝘧𝘰𝘳 𝘱𝘢𝘴𝘵 𝘍𝘪𝘷𝘦 (5) 𝘥𝘢𝘺𝘴...




    >𝘍𝘪𝘭𝘦 𝘰𝘧 𝘪𝘯𝘵𝘦𝘳𝘦𝘴𝘵 𝘧𝘰𝘶𝘯𝘥


    >𝘈𝘶𝘥𝘪𝘰 𝘵𝘳𝘢𝘯𝘴𝘤𝘳𝘪𝘱𝘵 𝘢𝘶𝘵𝘰𝘮𝘢𝘵𝘪𝘤𝘢𝘭𝘭𝘺 𝘤𝘳𝘦𝘢𝘵𝘦𝘥

    >𝘝𝘪𝘦𝘸 𝘛𝘳𝘢𝘯𝘴𝘤𝘳𝘪𝘱𝘵?

    Call this in to HQ, tell them we have a problem

    Word count: <600

    Words used: 25/25

    IGN: CaptainNoobles

    Weapon of Choice: Treasure SG553

  • "CRAWLER!" My captain screamed out, in a tone not yet heard before by any of my peers. The absolute fear in his voice terrified me to my core. This was Neil Wild we're talking about here, the best mercenary that Overlab has ever seen. I quickly drew aim at the fast-moving droid, coded only to wreak havoc upon targets such as myself, As the ACOG mounted on my SCAR-H rose to meet my gaze, I let off a quick shot which brought a quick end to that little drone's life. I began to reload as a round blew right past my face and sent a tsunami of fear surging through my brain. At first I thought it was a round fired by a rogue Sentinel, some of our Metal Reapers have been malfunctioning lately. There have been some mistakes made at the Bio Lab where they are produced. As another shot whizzed by, I caught the glimmer of a scope across the way. It was a sniper, and he must have had a silencer on because there was no loud sound. Usually you can't tell a sniper shot from a C4 blast it's so loud. Our operation was to rescue Valery and Sarah, two daughters of the Dragon Fang himself, and take them back to Sirocco. The sound of hellbird fire rang out above us and took out the opposition for us. The dust of the battlefield had blinded me like some sort of Old Man. I continued forward into the next room, where I could see Valery and Sarah tied up across the way. Neil commanded me to cut them free with my karambit and we called headquarters to let them know we needed immediate evacuation. The mission was the scariest moment of my life, but we held it together to live another day. Let's hope I never have to do that again.

    Over 300 words, and used 20 or so terms. THanks for this awesome idea got me to finally write something for the first time in a while! sorry if it's not formatted good.

    In game name: cruxal

    Weapon of choice: Treasure Famas

  • Sweat dripped from her hair into her eyes, she tried not to blink. Blinking too much was one of many ways to die in this god forsaken place. In past times they called this planet Earth, now it was nothing more then a heap of rubble filled with metal reapers, hellbirds and crawlers. She kept the laserdot centered on her target, just a few minutes left. She thought about the war.

    Two sides fighting for resources with battles costing more then they could ever hope to regain. Sarah ‘Royal’ Jester joined the Eden faction to fight against the NAF after they bombed her house and killed her family. With nothing to lose she joined a special taskforce tasked with the most dangerous missions. Like this one, operation Old Man the commanders at Eden called it. The task was simple, test a new weapon, one that could change the war. The weapon would be tested on a facility nicknamed ‘Biolab’, a production center for sentinels and Hydra missiles.

    The rest of her team was already killed, Sirocco by a headshot from a sniper and Neil Wild was blown apart by a C4 charge, she could still feel the heat from the explosion. Now she was all Eden had left for this mission, but she knew the risks and what was at stake. She looked at her rifle one last time, her trusty SCAR-H complemented with a acog scope and a silencer. So many kills, so many battles. It would end soon, the sound was clearly hearable and grew louder and louder.

    The new weapon wasn’t a missile, virus or robot. It was made of the one thing that was still in abundance and everywhere. The giant Tsunami rose high and wide, crushing everything on its path. Although devastating in force and costing no resources, the weapon needed a human to pinpoint the exact striking location. A one way mission for the greater good.

    The last thing Sarah saw was the giant wall of water, she closed her eyes and pressed the button. A microcharge inside her head exploded, killing her instantly, mission accomplished.

    IGN: Sparkle_Sparkle

  • Hello guys I'm Neil Wild and I want to say you my experience into the game Ironsight. I came into this game with my friend Scirocco and another one, named Old Man, that I didn't knew at that moment. This man was weird and he usually used to dress Dragon Fang's vests. The Operation was to go to the Headquarter of Bío Lab's laboratory and to place some C4 to blow it up, because they were releasing top range skins that peoples should not have been able to effort because of their price!! So we used Silencer on each weapons and we set an ACOG on our SCAR-H to manage to complete the Operation without losing too much time or health. We quickly killed the guards that overviewed the perimeter and we were attempting to set C4 on the walls of the building while some Snipers came out and shooted at us, hurting Old Man and, at that point, he revealed his real identity! He was a sorcerer and quickly summoned a Metal Reaper and a precious Hellbird that, with a combined action, managed to kill the snipers and the reiforcements that were coming to kill us. We managed to set all the C4 and while we were on the road to come back home to Oceanfront, we activated the C4 and blow it up once and for all!! Old Man, once we were on the road to come back, said: " From this mission we learned one important thing: never think that capitalists are extinct, they even reserve a new rebirth!! But for now let me buy a Karambit for my girl, Sarah, as souvenir ohohoh!! " . He was completely right .. then we had nothing different to do if not to Reload our weapons and get ready for the next battle.

    IGN : Helicopter-

    Blue weapon : drs1 chrome

  • A call of fate

    It was a beautiful day in Bariloche, Argentina. This is the place where a peculiar woman lives in, her name is Sarah Browning, she is a retired Navy-SEAL and she is 31 years old. She lives with her fiance Mark in a house they’ve built near the lake because they like being far from the center of the city where is always full of tourists, they also appreciate the freedom and contact with nature that this location provides them. Sarah loves physical activities and is now finishing her training to climb the Aconcagua, the highest hill in América, with Mark and a friend of him. They really make a really good couple, always worry about each other and train hard together.

    A few days before taking the plane to Mendoza to climb the mountain, an unexpected visit interrupted the peace at the lake house. It was Valery, Sarah’s old partner and best friend from the headquarter in the US. But this wasn’t just a friendly visit, Sarah noticed the fear and preoccupation in her eyes. -” You have to come with me immediately, there is no time to explain.”- said Valery. -” ¿ What are you doing here Val? I don't understand.” answered Sarah while thinking what could possibly have happened that is such an emergency. Then Valery said with a low and extremely serious tone -”Sirocco is not dead.”

    After hearing this Sarah stayed static, she could not comprehend it. Sirocco was a very powerful and smart terrorist, his alias was theOld Man and his face remains unknown, he has caused a lot of pain and disaster worldwide. The last operation that Sarah participated in before retiring was the one in which they were trying to stop a terrorist attack leaded by him in an abandoned oceanfront factory. They wanted to use a biological weapon so powerful that no Bio Lab would be able to cure. The Op. was a success for the most part, they stopped the weapon from spreading, but the “Old Man” blew up the whole building with large amounts of C4 while he was still inside. Luckily all the agents escaped alive, but they were never able to find Sirocco’s body so he was presumed dead.

    Sarah:-”How can you be sure?.”-

    Valery:-”His death was faked, he played us all. We found his digital signature in a recent dark web sale for a new type of crawler that be activated remotely”-

    Sarah:-”That’s impossible, it can be someone else.”-

    Valery:-”We are sure, otherwise i wouldn’t have come here.”-

    Sarah:-”So why don’t you deal with him? I can't throw away my whole life just for a case!”-

    Valery:-”You more than anyone should know this is not just a case Sarah, you are the one that spent the most time trying to catch him and you know everything about him, his tactics, how he moves, how he plans things, and how he tries to manipulate people to get what he wants.”-


    Valery:-”But nothing! If you don’t come you are throwing all those years of work into the trash. I know this is a very tough situation, but millions of innocent lives are in danger and we need your help to stop him.”-

    All the flashbacks came to Sarah’s mind, the sniper shots, the screams and the sound of the shells falling on the ground…

    After this Sarah knew she had no choice but to go. She sheated her karambit and grabbed her SCAR-H, attached an ACOG sight and a silencer before crossing the door not knowing if she’ll ever come back home.

    I hope you liked it, it was a very fun and different activity to what we are used to see on "events" that usually consist on in-game missions.

    My apologies if my english isn't perfect, im not a native speaker. Feel free to ask any doubts.

    Word count: 600

    Words included: 15/25

    Ingame Name: Fexs

    Blue weapon of choice; Chrome M4 ACC-M