Looking for a competitive Ironsight clan.

  • Aye, my name's Goofed and I'm currently on the lookout for clans representing Ironsight with focus on skill.

    Since I am pretty new to the community/the social part of Ironsight, I obviously have no clue whatsoever.

    I have 6 years of COD experience, oth on console and pc, applied to known german orgs and went in trial (which I failed)

    for the comp. CS:GO team of BIG. I've been pretty much fed up w/ call of duty, since Black Ops 4 launched. I'm currently focusing

    on Fortnite and Ironsight which, I am sure of, has a really bright future ahead.

    The question is: Are there any clans/orgs that are seriously interested in becoming competitive in this game? Also if you happen

    to be a leader of said, please reach out to me, my callsign is the same as my Forum name.