Ironsight #TheReturn Community Tournament!

  • Welcome to the first Ironsight #TheReturn Community tournament! The date of the tournament will be on the 13th of April. The structure of the tournament will be a snake draft and the draft will be held on the 6th of April. The community has selected 16 tier 1 players. There will be 2 tier 1 players per team and they will each pick 3 players and a sub from a pool of players who sign up. Matches will be streamed based on the community votes.

    Prize Poll = $250 Top 2 teams will be divided

    1st Place = $150

    2nd Place = $100

    The player application must be filled out if you want to be included in this tournament. Understand not all players will be selected and don’t worry! There will be another tournament coming soon! YOU DO NOT NEED A TEAM TO SIGN UP!!! You will be signing as a Free agent not pairs!

    Draft day is April 6th at 2 pm EST on


    No M320 GLM or EMP M320

    No Crossbow

    No detector Sights

    No Remote Bombs, Claymores, Spring Mines, Sticky Grenades , Exploding Knifes, Tear Gas or Stun Grenades

    Only 3 Molotov’s Per Team

    No Hair Trigger

    No Kill Streaks

    Only Neild Wild Character is allowed

    Only 1 Sniper per team

    Only 2 SMGs per team

    No emotes while any player on the opposite team is alive.


    Unless you stream you dont need moss..

    Links for more Information!

    So good luck Mercenaries and see you on the battle field!

    Competitive player for @CarnageGG