Clash Network Pugs & Tournaments are back!

  • Clash Network is back in action to revive the IronSight competitive scene just like we promised!

    What is Clash Network?

    Clash Network is the Main Competitive Hub for Ironsight and COD:Blackops4 PC for NA and EU.Were here to bring the competitive scene together and provide everything a competitive scene requires to succeed

    What can I expect from joining Clash Network?

    *Play 5v5,3v3 & 1v1 PUGs following a competitive rule-set with the best IS players

    *ELO System

    *Seperate Leaderboards for each PUG lobby

    *Recruitement Section to grow your Competitive Team

    *Advertise your Streams

    *Find Scrims Section


    *Leagues & Ladders

    How can I join the Clash Network Ironsight Community?

    Simply connect to our Discord Server here:

    Clash Network Manager | Wreck

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