PTS second round

  • Played most of the night on the PTS stage 2, and I would say there was a definite improvement on the first PTS build.

    It still felt a little 'off' compared to the live server, but most of the real weirdness only presented when playing against high ping players.

  • pts / ptr 2

    my thought day 1 mouse seem to feel weird couldnt feel my reg... setings had to play around with new seting in mouse to feel the game
    still not happy dont know if its me or not / claiming ladders felt rough and not smooth / ping still 140+ fps still good160+ game play seem smooth / 0-stuck movemnt

  • 11.52am /3 / 23/ 19

    server ran smooth

    ladder claiming ok

    no lag

    mouse idk for me weird idk if hit box changed but hip firing and aiming down sight felt weird just for me

    it seem like everyone else was getting there kills

    it be nice if easyanticheat can get a update cause so many players crying about cheating

    also they are crying that high pingrs playing on there local server

    it would of been nice if there could of been 2 test servers to stop the cryin

  • 1 error only. On a ocean front, on my screen the cargo ship never moved into the map. It still pairs low pings against high pings. It's hard to get wins since players like us from USA lag but other than that it's still good.


  • Some good rounds, some bad rounds ... still no clue how it will feel when released on the regular region server, when players will have similar ping.

    Overall, it felt slightly better than fist PTS session.

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