Improvements that i would like to see

  • So first things first, im "Reikari" and i played Ironsight since last year i think. I didn´t play through all the time, took a break and just started playing again.

    Anyways i started to notice that i really can´t do much in this game (in terms of customization) and i asked myself "what would i like to see in Ironsight?"

    - More challenges like Mw2-/Mw3. Like sprinting 5000 Meters ingame, get a new title-/emblem, get some experience to boost you level and so on.

    There´s alot you could do with that, just to make it a little more exciting overall and get some more stuff to customize your Tags

    - More Emblems, Titles, Dog Tags (variation)

    There are a few cool looking ones but really only like 1-2 for my taste and you can only get them by grinding A TON. Needs alot more in my opinion, could also be combined with more challenges(NOT daily challenges!)

    - Play of the Game-/Kill cams

    Kill cams should be implemented but i see a big problem here. Especially with the buggy Play of the game cams. These need improvement

    - Netcode-/Server tick rate

    I don´t want to say that im an expert in programming or that i really know what the problems in delay-/reaction are but it needs improvement.

    Running MILES behind a wall - dead through wall(s). Happens really often and to alot of players.

    - Hit registration

    Well we all know the feeling of "THAT WAS A HEADSHOT WHY XY ISN`T DEAD?!"

    - Ranked Mode but not only Search and Destroy

    Im a TDM Player, really don´t like the other modes, i also would enjoy an Hardcore TDM or Kill confirmed (gathering dog tags) Mode

    Anyways there should be a solution for players who doesn´t like S&D to play competetiv.

    - Different Weather conditions-/changes on Maps

    Idk if this would be a good idea because it would make playing more difficult but in terms of visual quality it would be quite nice.

    Something Like Rain, Sunset, Fog, Stormy weather - stuff like that

    - Promotion

    THIS is the most important point. The game is really empty tbh. Something needs to happen here. Maybe contact some youtubers

    to try and play the game a bit.

    I think that´s it so far..I don´t have much time right now but i guess i would be able to think about more stuff, maybe i´ll edit this post later.

    Well i guess other players already have mentioned the same Ideas but anyways, have a nice day and let me know what you think about these "improvements"

    Movement, Aim, Control, Reflexes, Knowledge, Experience, Instinct, Prediction and Luck - all of these factors are needed to be a good Player.

    Not every Player who´s better than you uses hacks or cheats, keep that in mind and you´ll have a much better time while playing.

    My PC: RTX2080TI, i9-9900K @4.7Ghz, 32GB RAM @3200Mhz

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  • убрать читеров, чтобы играть в невыносимо вложенные деньги, чтобы увидеть, что кто-то с читом

  • I just wanna point out that <name removed> is the guy who spams "FUC U CHEATER" in every single match I play, every few seconds, spamming up the chat like no other.

    He's apparently got a reputation for it, doing the same to other people.

    Knowing who he is, I wouldn't put any value into anything he says - there aren't many people in the game who I have less respect for (maybe <name removed> who told me that he'd kill my mother and rip her head off on PTS yesterday).

    As for ranked, I think TDM is an inherently casual mode. I don't think putting it into ranked makes too much sense.

    As for weather, this would strongly impair visibility, and I'd hate to see that. Visibility is already kinda meh and should be a top priority over "visual quality" in an FPS game.

    For instance, this is a screenshot I took in BF1 a few years back, stuff like this is utterly terrible, especially without 3D spotting: