First PTS Impressions

  • I have been testing it for some hours and my thoughts are:

    -can‘t really Tell a difference

    -a lot of yellow and red pingers who have an advantage over others

    -feeling some Hit detection delays

    For me I have around 100 FPS and Ping of 30-40.

    I hope it can be fixed, I Love this Game

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  • I've been testing it for a few hours too and my thoughts are quite the same...

    If there is a difference with live server, it's not a huge one.

    Well, 9 out of 10 matches or so it was always the ones with the worst connection who were leading the game on both sides...

    If you add the fact that half of the time I was killed through walls, through the ground or out of nowhere with a relative 20/25 ping

    from those with that bad connection,

    I still hope for a brighter future, but not that much anymore I'm afraid.


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  • I personally do notice the changes but I also gotta say that I live in Europe where the servers are located. Killtrades still do occur but that isn't bound to the netcode and that is still being reviewed. What I noticed was that there were cases where players partially teleported while sprinting but that were related due little lag spikes of the affected player. Else, I didn't notice that I got shot down when I instantly hid behind a wall.

    Also for feedback, don't forget to submit your opinion here as well:

  • my 2 cents:
    I think i can see a difference in hit-detection. When i shoot somebody, i will hit him. For me, this feels improved compared to the live server, where i need another 2 bullets to kill somebody, just because 2 bullets got lost somewhere.

    Implications: shorter real time to kill (with aim fails, misaiming, dodging etc.)

    this would not be a problem at all, since sinper rifles got a passive nerf because of that. and i could play against snipers on live and it would be kinda fine.

    My issues are the same a year ago: killtrades, getting shot behind cover, i am able to shoot people behind cover (literally doesnt make sense)

    these issues seem to be more relevant, because people hitting their shots - i can get 80 damage from an dead enemy.

    For some reason, the hit detection felt more "crisp" tuesday noon than tuesday night (cet). this might be because of ping issues, i just wanted to mention that.

    Also: hackers.

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  • I've honestly enjoyed playing sniper more on the PTS.

    It is more enjoyable, because hit register when you hit the visible hitbox, not the server hitbox besides the model (at least in my experience). But i dont feel so helpless against snipers anymore on pts, because the dont sponge the extra 2 bullets.

    But yeah. Overall a good development netcodewise, at least from what i can see right now.

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  • Well I have played another few hours now and I have to say:

    -some Games are good and it feels more Fluid, you can Build Momentum better

    -yellow and red pingers really have the edge in many fights, even if they should lose

    -spawn bug happens again, the game starts and no one can move at all

    I hope, if they change or fix stuff, they post something about that like notes.

    Good Hunting

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  • I didnt hit stuff i should of, and when i aimed besides the model, i still got markers... was really strange for me.

    Same ^^

    Overall everything feels smoother (being a low ping player) there is less bullshit happening (deaths behind corner) etc.

    This change wasn't supposed to be some miracle working thing and I think a lot of players thought it would do things that don't even relate to it and are then disappointed by it.

    As said by Aeria staff countless times before, this is only step 1 of the netcode changes and plenty more will come to sort out the other issues.

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  • Well yes, you die faster, because the bullets actually register.

    And sure it is just a little step, but I think ppl thought it would make a bigger difference.

    But I am very very happy, that this game get‘s the Tuning and work it deserves.

    Let’s hope that the lag comp and stuff like that can be fixed and everything works out, so other changes that need to be done, can be done.

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  • Having now had the opportunity to play a couple of hours on the test server, I have to say that there is very little difference between the PTS and the live server for me.

    Certainly, the issue of delayed hits when in cover hasn't been touched at all by the change in protocol.

    I haven't noticed an increase in hits not registering, but it doesn't surprise me that others have as this is exactly what I would expect to see when switching from TCP to UDP.

    'Magic Bullets' are undoubtedly due to low server tick rates. The lower the tick rate, the more likely you are to have an uneven distribution of hits in a cycle. I believe that IS uses 25hz tick rate. Compare this to games like Overwatch which offers a 63hz tickrate, or CSGO which offers up to 128hz.

    Bumping up the tick rate would be a good idea in general. It just depends on whether the resources are available to do it.

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  • Very inconsistent play experience on PTS for me.

    Some matches, i hardly get anything killed, starting with 1:9 kills/deaths. pushing it barely to a 0.8 or 1.0 KD after some really hard work ... Next round, i'm on top again with 26:4 kills at the end of the match.

    Some weapons feel weird, some players do also ;-)

    In bad rounds, you start shooting at your opponents first, but they don't care ... bullet-sponge ... and when they're shooting back, i'm dead in a second ... very annoying, and some of them even don't seem to have bad pings.

    Short summary of the rest ... Female Skins, Hipfire, P-90, Bunnyhoppin' ... my personal limbo. <X:evil:

  • Well be aware that since the PTS is just one server located in Europe, it's not exactly a TRUE representation of how it'll be on live servers or of the netcode "impact" itself. You will face a lot more lag-related issues here than there would be in normal circumstances since they'd be on their own servers.

    With the way it was last time we had the UDP change rolled out (on live), issues only occurred later when there were a lot of people on at the same time. With that being said, it's probably the reason why they opted to have only one server to serve more of as a stress test than a true representation of how netcode would be in live circumstances with players not connecting from around the world.

  • Well Here goes.

    Playing from NA , my ping is 150+ at times, so i am running with 4 bars.

    In general i feel a change, but it feels like a More exaggerated version of the old netcode. I'll try my best to explain. So in the Live server, its been my experience If someone has a ping lower than you by half (ie: yours is 80, there is 40 or lower) you'll die in almost a instant. Now if they have higher ping say 150 (4 bars) they warp appear etc, they always seem much faster than they are, at least from my pov. 3 Bar people most of your shots dont hit the mark, some times you have to lead them to connect.

    Now the PTS, Feel's pretty much the same but More exaggerated. Full bars people kill in a blink of an eye.Not even a chance to react. Makes sense hit detection for them is on point. Having 4 bars(150ping) Its extremely difficult to even follow them, and even among your ping group it feels off some how. Lower pings (3bars)are pretty hard to hit, as you have to lead them a whole person to get any hits. Not to count the warping, crazy movement.

    Score boards show those's with the highest pings and the Lowest ping seem to come out on top. Getting shot thru walls or around corners still a big thing. Trade kills seem less . Hit detection is delayed from my pov, almost a full second.

    So i guess i'll break it down like this.

    Pros: hit detection feels ( everyone's said) crisp, you get good feed back that your shot landed. Overall TTK seems so much faster than the Live server , which i dont know if thats a good or bad thing at this point. Having the longer TTK made gun play to me more fun. But thats just my bias opinion.

    Cons: Lower ping players kill you an a instant ( yes i know thats how its ment to be ) . But its such a huge difference i am not sure its a good thing. Other than the for the lower ping players.

    Super high ping players, you can't seem to hit them, they warp, appear etc.. You shouldnt have to lead your target by a full person to land your shots.

    Hit detection over all, there seems to be a huge delay from the time you fire to the time it hits.. This really becomes apparent when using say a sniper. For me its about 1 full second.

    Hipfire also seems off to me. But that just may be the above mentioned stuff.


    It feels like the same netcode in sooo many way's , but as i said an overly exaggerated version of it when it comes to the issues listed.

    But the crispy hit detection has been a plus. If i had to say it, I felt the Cruise update (when it did work) felt better than this current experience. Honestly i'll admit that just may be due to ping in general.

    Already level 21, and so far id say Not liking it at all. Doesn't feel balanced or to be blunt fair at all. When you have two extremes like (high and low pingers) , make the game play very not enjoyably ( even in the live version) .

    Anyhows, thanks for your time.

  • I know im not getting much kills cuz ping (which increases my playtime to get to lvl 20) but it shouldnt happen in my region. I can tell everything is faster like hitmarkers right after u shoot at the enemy BUT it still feels choppy


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  • wish that another test server 4 usa testing would of been nice

    couldnt move glitch 2x / lagy 1x during focuss testing and 1x knife glitch

    it be nice to have all those blue chips and gold

    note nitebot really did a nice job saying whats up with pts sever netcode hats off post 28

  • I think the PTS version is quite bad. All the time I see people "teleporting", lagging, going through walls and moving in weird ways. I get killed in strange ways, sometimes from people in other rooms (according to the kill cam), with (sometimes seconds) delays in hit registering and sometimes the players suddenly teleport in front of me and kill me. Many of the players are quite good so the kills are fast but the system can't keep up.

    I get really frustrated by this, I think it's way worse than the live server. If the live server was this bad I would stop playing it completely, I'm just putting up with this because it's temporary and I'm hoping for the rewards.

    I live in Europe but I still think it runs bad.

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  • Despite being in western Canada, I have noticed that hits are much more consistent, weird sudden death kills are far less frequent and kill-trading, while far less frequent is still there. There are still problems, yes, but this is a big improvement nevertheless.


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  • Hey everyone. Just wanted to say we appreciate the efforts and hope you'll join us on Saturday focus test.

    Both the reports and your presence is helping and with a higher number on Saturday, we'll have a good amount of data to check things.

    Please note that we have many fellow players connecting from all regions with higher lags, so you'd see unexpected behavior more than usual.

    I also want to note that this isn't a magic fix to every single issue the game has, but an immensely important and necessary step for more changes to come.

    We will talk more about future plans in upcoming HQ Reports and otherwise.

    Thanks again and keep up the feedback!

  • I know im not getting much kills cuz ping (which increases my playtime to get to lvl 20)

    Kills don't matter towards account level progression. The only times kills matter is your weapon level progression so whether you go 0-99 or 99-0 but play both games for 6 minutes, you get 6 minutes worth of XP.

  • In my opinion (playing from Germany) the change to UDP is the first step in the right direction.

    It obviously isn't the miracle healing or the super wish alá gather all dragonballs, but it's certainly needed to get the game back on the right track.

    I've dealt with a lot less bs situations and had the feeling killing was significantly faster due to bullets actually connecting / doing damage.

    I noticed it a lot whilst playing Crossbow where bolts actually did kill people instead just sticking in their left cheek without any damage.

    Only minor negative expierence was during the first focus testing session; where killing behind walls did happen and the game felt a bit sluggish, as if it couldn't handle all the people playing. But that was just one day, so could have been me aswell.

    Bottom line is that I played Ironsight straight up for hours without getting annoyed or stressed out about it. Actually enjoying the game!

    Hope the data of the PTS will get analyzed ASAP and UDP-Change gets pushed to the live-servers #Soon. :)

  • I hope, you had a blast.

    I had fun and some frustration, depending on the round.

    Overall many ppl played on the pts and should provided a lot of data.

    Hope to get some sort of feedback or info.

    Alive or just Breathing

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