(Guide) How to add Ironsight to Steam

  • Step 1

    Open up Notepad.

    Step 2

    Type in (or copy and paste this code)

    1. Dim objshell
    2. Set objshell = WScript.CreateObject( "wScript.Shell" )
    3. objshell.Run("""C:\AeriaGames\Ironsight\launcher.exe""")
    4. Set objShell = Nothing
    5. x=msgbox ("Don't close this prompt , OK? ", 0, "Overlay Steam, Run Launcher Games")

    Step 3

    Save as VBS file. You can do this by typing in the file name text box. The "a" can be any name you want, but the extension, ".vbs" has to be as is. The file type (.vbs) can be opened by notepad or wordpad. A message box will appear when you launch the game. You should leave that until you close the game itself.


    Step 4

    Add the file as a non-steam game and right click on it after you add it to the library for the list.

    Step 5

    Click Properties. The first textbox should say Ironsight (rename it to Ironsight if it is not by clicking on it). On the second textbox that says "Target", copy and paste this:

    1.  "C:\AeriaGames\Ironsight\a.vbs"

    This is the path to the vbs file you just created.

    Next on the last text box that says "Start in", copy and paste this:

    1. "C:\AeriaGames\Ironsight\" "C:\AeriaGames\Ironsight\a.vbs"

    The first path is to the game application and the second is to the same vbs file.

    Now you all done.

    • Will this hurt my computer/laptop?

    No this cannot hurt your computer at all. It is just part of the coding that makes it look weird. This just make the script that steam opened to launch the game.

    • How is this different from the game actually being on Steam?

    Steam has problems with launching games that has launchers unless the game is Steam integrated. Steam will think that it is just opening the a file (which is a script that will launch Ironsight).


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