• I played this back in early 2018 and left after a few months because I got so sick of lag. The main way I got any kills at all was jump/dropshot/dance around and hip fire noob weapons like the AR57/p90 and lmgs. I had a bit of fun and liked the game. I did want to see it develop and gain in popularity.

    I made a few threads back then to raise the voice for us Oceanic players but had no choice but to stop playing and try to wait for the servers. A quick google will show you that lots of threads have been made asking about ironsight oce servers. All have fallen on deaf ears. I only had a reply from a moderator on this site that gave me a reasonable and acceptable response; however sad it was. (Something along the lines of no oce planned for beta, maybe on release)

    This game is still in beta. I was in closed Alpha for Ins Sandstorm and those devs have achieved far more in a few months then ironsight has in a year. NWI is a very small dev team too.

    I'm off for good; it's a nice game but unfortunately you want to ignore a chunk of the market and just go for the big juicy countries. Much like Pubg did. Escape from Tarkov listened to it's fans and told us what they wanted to do before getting those servers out (Which didn't hold them to anything but let us know that they at least had them planned) People from Aus even actually offered servers for them.

    We ALWAYS get screwed over gaming wise. With the recent release of Apex Legends and many more like that to follow; Ironsight will hit the dust and stay in obscurity for the rest of it's days.

    GG guys

    Have fun.

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