Price of items in Brazil

  • Hello, I have come to give feedback and at the same time to make a request, since before the game to launch CBT I was already interested in him, to explain my vision I have to say where I "come from."

    Before Ironsight I played Warface, since 2013 he played, but the game fell into decay here in Brazil shortly after the introduction of Warbox, loot boxes bought with cash with a small percentage of chance to come a weapon with a higher status which is usually won in the game.

    Currently Ironsight keeps all the weapons within reach of the player, maintaining a fair environment, for believing in this vision I would like to help the game, buy weapons skins, but the value for us Brazilians is surreal, I will give an example:

    I would like to get the "Pietro Vector", for that I need 3 weapons, "Ultimax 100 Woodland" (40k gp) + "M4 ACC-M Chrome" (250 chips) + "Ak-12 Fire Monkey" )

    so in all I need 750 chips, in the store I would have to buy the 750 + 188 chips package that cost 7500 AP, there is a purchase package with that value, the closest is 11,950 AP, which are nothing more, nothing less than R$300.00:!::huh:

    I do not know how the market analysis they did with values, but I know it's not working as they are doing, I've never seen any player with one of those legendary weapons here on server SA!

    Okay, everything I said so far has not verified facts, now my suggestion:

    A game that I played a lot when I was in my lan house era, it was the "Pangya" what are weapons here, there were the sets of golf clubs, the average value of the best sets was R$ 7.50 to R$ 15.00, we all spent almost weekly to buy a new outfit or a golf club:!:

    I believe that a policy with low values and accessible can make the game more interesting, more popular and more profitable, better to have 1000 active players spending R$40.00 per month than 100 spending R$300.00 do not you think:?:;)

  • AFAIK those 500 chips will not buy you the gun, you need to get it from a lootbox, despite what it says in the store screen. It'll be very expensive, even in europe.

    Considering the drop rates from the supply boxes, we'll assume that you only buy superior supply boxes (since we don't really know the rates of the other ones because they're very expensive, except for that they're very bad) and that the drop rates are rougly as Nopp (Drop rates in common crates) measured, i.e. about 2% for an orange weapon.

    There's 35 orange skins in total. Assuming that the probabilities for these are binomially distributed (they might not be, who knows, maybe you can't get duplicates on orange weapons?), we get a chance of ~0.06% to get the weapon we want (assuming we want that exact one).

    Thus, for an expected value of 1, we need about 1750 experiments, or 21000 chips. Even with a more generous drop rate of 3% per gun we'd need 1150 experiments or 13800 chips, amounts that no sane person would invest in an (often pretty mediocre) skin.

    If we are fine with any rare skin, even those that look like utter garbage and those that have 0 prestige because you get them from your dailies, 22 out of the 35 orange skins will do. In that case we get a chance of ~1.25% per box with an orange drop rate of 2% and thus need about 80 boxes or 960 chips to get any rare weapon.

  • Math, please help us calculating this madness:

    And I've spend around 300-400€ so far. I have gained 3 pink and 1 violett.
    Keep your eyes open for special web mall sales. There you can get pretty cheap items.

  • Hey guys, two quick remarks.

    First, for the OP, I understand the situation. In fact, this is something I brought up to relevant teams in the past. However, it's a complex subject and a quite the effort to implement and as of now, there are no company plans on changing this.

    While this is unfortunate, it's also a subject that I won't let go. No promises, but let's keep fingers crossed.

    Second, about the boxes. Please know that one of the topics we are working on is the shop. From the categories to content of boxes, we will make several changes. No ETA yet.

  • sqroot

    Wow, I still had not attacked the detail that there is no direct sale, just loot box, this is definitely a cancer of the current games!


    Courage to spend it on 4 skins, each one does what they like with their money, but it's not for me, in fact I think I do not know what to do with the players.


    Thank you for coming here, one thing I admire about your company is the contact with the players. But going to the subject, I really hope it changes, and that the lootboxes cease to exist, or become optional at least as long as the game maintain this lootbox policy I do not put a penny of my money. learn from the mistakes of other companies ... EA is being heavily criticized for practices like this, different and not the same!

    I played Pangya, and made little at the time, but the game's value policy always encouraged people to put in a piece of money. What is 15 reais? of 15 in 15 I ended up spending 400 in about 1.5 years. In Warface, I played from 2013 to 2017, but I never spent 1 real in the game for not agreeing with their policy with high value, the only cash weapons I have in the account, was a cash I earned when visiting the headquarters of the publisher when I was invited to a talk as a forum representative, if this price policy does not change in Ironsight the same will happen ...