I get an absurd ammount of exp after the end of the game

  • Hello. So I wanted to play Ironsight today and after a few matches I discovered something odd - i got an absurd ammount of exp after the game. I thought that was some kind of bug - and move on to play another match, but after this i again got the same ammount of exp. So I decided to leave the lobby start recording, in case this thing repeats. And it did. After that i restarted Ironsight, and the situation repeated again.

    I have 2 videos, but since i cant post them, you can download them here:

    <downloadable links removed>

    I dont know if its intentional or not, but since i dont want to get banned i decided to post about it here.

    EDIT: that might be a visual bug? As you can see i sttll receive around 300 exp after each game, but the graph shows that i have received much more

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