[EVENT] Valentine's Day Love Story

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    Isn't love amazing? Well, for our dear friend, Neil, it's not. In times of war, love is rare and many mercenaries like him feel lonely at times like this. He is seeking for a big romantic love for quite awhile! He hopes that some mercenaries share some of their love stories, so he might not feel too lonely.
    Valentinesday is soon and he needs you! Can you help him out by providing him with your most heartbreaking story?


    Simply reply to this Thread with your best Ironsight related love short story! (min. 250 words, max. 500 words)

    It can be any kind of story: Love on first (iron)sight, break up stories, mad of love stories. It just has to be Ironsight related.

    Example entry (all required!!) :

    Callsign (in-game name): Vanilla

    Submission: 250 words of text about love in Ironsight


    This event will run until the 14th of February.


    We will reward our 3 favourite submissions with: 1x Blue weapon of choice + 50 CHIPS

    Every serious participant will receive: 20 CHIPS + 1 Charm Slot Ticket


    • Only 1 submission by participant.
    • You must post your entry in this thread.
    • Please make sure your entry follows the format as given and shown on the example above.
    • We reserve the right to disqualify any entry that may breach the rules of the contest or our ToS!
    • No exceptions for participation outside of the set time frame will be given. Sorry!
    • Nothing inappropriate!
    • Every submission to this contest can and will be used by Aeria Games, Wiple Games and/or gamigo for promotional purposes.
    • The winner will be selected by the Ironsight Team.

    Your Ironsight Team

  • Ign: CaptainNoobles


  • name: misfire

    Weapon: chrome m4

    Vanilla you forgot to choose a weapon in your example which we have to follow xD


    <3Yellow Star with dark Background<3

    <3Celebrations DSR<3

    <3Quickscoping most of the time<3





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  • Vanilla you forgot to choose a weapon in your example which we have to follow xD

    Aaah you are not wrong haha, but that's fine either way. We can pm the winners :) Even though it's more helpful when you write it in your submission already, but yea! It doesn't matter. Thanks though, I will take care of it next time!

  • Callsign: Sor3y

    Weapon: Chrome M4 ACC

    Kalli, you may be thinking what happened to me these last months, about why I've been acting weird, my somehow lost of words when I talk to you, or even why I get blushed every time I approach you.

    We were never like that before, we were close friends, we shared a relationship that even our jobs wouldn't break it. I really thought we would be like that forever, and I was fine with that. But oh Kalli, things really changed, we can't what we used to be anymore. That's because one thing happened to me, something I should have realised earlier.

    I fell in love. That's it, I guess you are kind of shocked now, but let me explain first. I just can't let myself hide this anymore, it's way too strong for me to hide it and pretend that nothing is happening. I just can't stop thinking about her, the sound she makes, how she handles every situation, I just want to shout to everybody that I love her.

    I LOVE THE AK12, I love how she kicks on my face after every shot, I love how she handles everything poorly, I love her sound, it always reminds me of my golden days, when I was a kid and my mother would always make pea pancakes for me when I was sad. Every time I shoot it, I remember of my childhood, I remember these peas, I feel like I'm just shooting peas into my enemies and with that I just can't help but feel joy and think how awesome it is to get shot by peas. I love her looks, even though she's terrible at everything she does, and that's part of her charm! I love how goofy she looks when I put an acog on her, she starts to look like a toy gun from some sci-fi movie, WHICH IS AWESOME AND A DREAM TO ME.

    I am truly sorry Kalli that I've hidden it from you, I know I've acted weird as said, but I just couldn't have the perfect chance to tell it to my super-duper best friend ever. I feel really guilty that I didn't tell you all. And I know it's kind of strange to love a gun, even more when it's a "twisted" love (I still think it's really normal), but I have the right to love. People love cats, dogs, even cars, so what's wrong to love a weapon that was your partner in a lot of jobs? She never let me down, she always gave me back what I lost, the once lost memories of when I was truly happy and blessed.

    That's it Kalli, I really hope we can get to strengthening our relationship, and do things right. I'll never keep a secret from you again! I know you'll understand my situation and my feelings, I trust you more than anybody I've ever met. Thanks for everything.

    From your super-duper best friend ever. Neil.

    Corrected it to be within the rules, the text now has 499 words, if somehow I counted it wrong, tell me to correct it ASAP XD

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  • Well, at least the Ak12 lasts longer than any other assault rifle because of the extended mag.

  • Shhhh we should not talk about the sexual life of some people you know?

  • Callsign { In Game Name} _ Prophet16

    Weapon of choice _ Blue Combat Crossbow

    Word count - 445

    Today I am going in to destroy a research laboratory.

    This mission has to succeed, for it will weaken the enemy and help us win the war. We may not be a very large organization, but we protect each other. We are in it, to gain ground on the enemy and find resources. Those resources will help my organization - E.D.E.N, survive and build better weapons and if I do not succeed, they will kill my family.

    My team and I are travelling by night, to avoid detection. The location is dubbed "Bio Lab". As we near the tallest building, we are lowered down onto the roof, quietly our boots touch the roof. I stare into the faces of my team. "Kill, Plant and Destroy, leave no survivers." I told them quickly. They all nodded in agreement. Little did I know, that as I lead them through the back entrance, I would see every one of them fall to their knees. Each member of my team died trying to make the mission a success. Each one died trying to protect me, as I tried to planted the first bomb. As I armed the bomb, I felt the barrel of a gun at the back of my neck. "Say your prayers, death awaites you." For the first time since the disaster, I was truly terrifed. I knew that night, that I was going to die.

    I slowly turned around, went down on my knees, my eyes fixed on the ground. The man come down to my level, with two fingers he tilted my face to meet his.

    In my killer, I saw the bluest eyes. His eyes told a story. A story I wanted to get to know. Tick Tick .

    The bomb was about to blow. He grabbed my shoulders and pulled me up. "You're coming with me!"

    Together, we ran but our feet could only carry us so far, before it went off, sending us both flying into the wall of one of the nearby buildings. The rubble came tumbling down, knocking me out.

    I was lately awoken by a very gorgeous face, he was attending to the wound on my neck

    "Why did you save me?" I ask soflty. "Because you were worth saving that is why."

    My mission to destroy a reasearch lab, turned into a truly amazing relationship, that in the end, I even started working for NAF. That is what love does to you, it turns you into a crazy person. But without my Niel Wilde, I would be just another lost soul... One without a purpose to survive and a passion to fight the war...

  • Name in game : _Kray_

    Weapon of choice : Cartoon TAR-21

    I haven't counted the number of words but I think I'm good, good reading!

    I think that my most beautiful love story remains the one I started with the Famas. This sweet and magnificent Famas, a weapon of another category, another power, an unequalled delicacy and an exceptional handling. I will always remember the first day I was lucky enough to have it for a few thousand gold coins, it was during the period when I doubted my feelings towards any existing weapon and then I found it, resting quietly in a green box with a soft polystyrene bed inside to protect it from shocks. A story had begun more beautifully, the more days passed and the more I enjoyed living my life with him.

    We were stronger together, no one could stop us in the missions we were going through. I loved him more than anything, months went by and I was looking forward to Valentine's Day to give him the most beautiful gift that could exist. When the day came, I decided to invite her to a nice sticker shop in this place where you can buy accessories, pieces and collections but also be able to restore a beauty to our sister weapon and we came for that. And, after several discussions and comparison between the possible choices she decided to take the golden formula at an inestimable price, but I had promised her that I would take everything she wanted, so for love I took out my credit card and finally paid the sum of 130,000 gold pieces so that she could buy what she wanted. Once out of her make-up, she had become the most beautiful weapon in the world, she was covered with a shiny gold coating reflecting her valuable value and in the blink of an eye I fell in love with her dream, I couldn't help loving her, it was so strong, so sincere that I decided to go further with her.

    So I took him home, we had first enjoyed a wonderful meal, a stuffed chicken with its blue Chip sauce, a very expensive sauce that literally cost me an arm but, it was not worth much compared to her. We then decided to have a glass of wine, or rather two, or even three in any case the evening did not stop. And then came the crucial moment, that very hot moment or the room, suddenly, was filled with such strong eroticism that even modesty had escaped, we kissed and kissed each other more and more strongly with ever greater determination in our desires then we began to bask, to undress, this time everything was clear to us, our desires were so strong that we could no longer hide them from the other. Then we were in a position to make the ultimate act, the most representative act of a strong love between two people on a Valentine's Day evening, things were now serious and suspenseful, the animal instinct that invaded us and the love for the other was at its peak and... Unfortunately, I can't tell you any more... It was way too hot to talk to you about it all the way through!


  • Hello there!

    We have your lucky winners for the Valentines Day event! Thanks for participating!

    Our top 3 are:

    First Place: Captain Nobbles

    Second Place: Misfire

    Third Place: Sor3y

    Congratulations again and your rewards have been sent out to you guys! Hope to see you on the next event again!

    Your Ironsight Team