Guide to Micro Mechanics

  • Micro mechanics are mechanics that don't give you a huge advantage, but can give you the edge in an appropriate situation over someone equally skilled who doesn't know them.

    This post explains some of those micro mechanics I found over my time playing Ironsight.

    There's also a video illustrating them at the end.


    Jumping forward is slower than sprinting.

    However, if you hold W (your forward directional key) and A or D (your sideways directional keys) while jumping, you won't lose as much speed, and your jump will be a lot faster and thus further.

    This is presumably because the game slows down the speed induced by W, but not the speed induced by A or D.

    Because your character accelerates when holding any directional key instead of immediately reaching max speed, simply tapping A or D before the jump isn't sufficient; You need to hold either button for a short time before jumping so your character accelerates to the maximum diagonal speed.

    Your character doesn't make any sound while jumping and locks its speed in place, meaning that it can be useful to incoorporate jumping into your playstyle when peeking, for instance.

    However, be aware that your guns are more inaccurate during the jump, even when in ADS (aim down sight).


    Ironsight lacks buffering.

    Buffering is a feature that buffers ("remembers") a click when firing a semi-auto gun a second time before the delay induced by the fire-rate of the weapon after the first shot has passed. It then executes that click when the delay has fully passed, firing another bullet.

    In games with buffering, you can spam your clicks, and when you're clicking faster than the RPM (rounds per minute) of the weapon, your semi-auto weapon will fire at the maximum RPM.

    In games without buffering, when clicking faster than the RPM of the weapon, some clicks will get lost because they're executed during the delay that dictates that the semi-auto weapon isn't allowed to fire yet.

    Because of these lost clicks, when only clicking slightly faster than the RPM, your weapon will fire more slowly than the RPM.

    To illustrate:


    The horizontal line indicates the time line (left-to-right), vertical lines indicate a click or a shot.

    The lines between the "Clicks" and the "Shots with buffering" indicate where each buffered click is executed as a shot.

    This is why, when spamming your semi-auto, you'll often notice that it fires very inconsistently, sometimes faster and sometimes slower.

    You can avoid this by clicking at a speed close to (but slightly below) the RPM of the gun you use.

    This way you can achieve nearly max RPM, as opposed to when spamming the gun (you could also reach max RPM by spamming the gun at speeds that aren't really humanly possible).

    EDIT: As of 15/05/19, some kind of buffering has been added. When clicking only slightly faster than the RPM of your weapon, your shots will get buffered. If you are clicking much faster than the RPM of your weapon, your shots will not get buffered anymore, and your firing rate will still be inconsistent.

    As of now, buffering seems to exist for all semi-auto guns, except for the AN94 (as far as I can tell, at least I don't notice it).

    Vault skipping

    Vaulting in Ironsight blocks you from shooting for a considerable amount of time, while jumping doesn't.

    There are some vaulting locations in the game that you can simply jump over.

    However, when standing in front of the vaulting location and pressing Space (your jump button), your character will start vaulting, because vaulting and jumping use the same button and vaulting has priority over jumping.

    You can avoid this by not looking at the vaulting location when pressing Space: If you jump over the vaulting location sideways, you won't vault and will be able to shoot while doing so.

    Another way to avoid this is by jumping before the notification that tells you that you can vault with Space pops up. This is only possible when you have enough space to jump, though.

    You usually need to strafe to do this, because with strafing you'll jump further before reaching max height, meaning that you can pass the distance before the vault notification pops up more easily.

    Name scouting

    When aiming at an enemy player, their name pops up above their head.

    The name also pops up when your vision of the enemy is obstructed by an object without collision, for instance the conveyor belt flaps on airport, the fountain water on cruise or the rocket smoke on titan.

    This means that you can hover your crosshair over areas where you expect enemies that you can't see to be and see whether the name pops up to find and then kill them through the object that obstructs your vision.

    This doesn't work for the smoke of smoke grenades, as that removes the name popup for everyone in the smoke, even if you can see the player model.

    Scope desway

    When scoping in with the DSR, you might notice that it sometimes keeps swaying for a short time, despite you holding Shift (your sprint button) to hold your breath.

    This can mess up your accuracy when quickscoping.

    It happens for two reasons:

    • You don't hold or shortly release the Shift button when scoping in.
    • You scope in, unscope and then quickly rescope - your scope will sway when rescoping.

    If you avoid both of these, i.e. you hold Shift and always wait a short time before rescoping after unscoping, you won't suffer from the initial scope sway.

    You don't need to worry about waiting a small amount of time when firing, unscoping and rescoping, because the time delay you have to wait is shorter than the time it takes to reload for the next shot.

    Half scoping

    After jumping, it takes longer for your scope to scope in than normally.

    However, the time it takes for your sniper to become fully accurate stays the same: This means that after jumping you can fire accurately before your scope is fully scoped in, as long as you know where the middle of your screen is.

    Video illustration

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  • this should be fixed to help New players

    As neither of these give you a huge advantage, new players aren't exactly at a huge disadvantage, and thus fixing them won't help much. It's certainly not high priority, and I think having a bit of depth in terms of what you can learn about the game isn't terrible either, despite some of these things being unintuitive.

    However, if anyone was to 'fix' them, I'd think the following about either of these:

    • Without strafing, jumping becomes ineffective, and what little complexity the movement has is lost. I know some people utterly hate when movement is fun, adds depth to 1v1 situations or adds complexity, and would much rather prefer clunky and super simple movement like in ARMA or Battlefield (for reasons like 'Jumping is not realistic'), but I'm not one of those people. I'd honestly even prefer it if more movement mechanics were added. I don't think I'd like it if the W jump speed was upped to W+A/D jump speed either, since diagonal jumping feels more natural to me, which might be because Quake-style strafing, as present in many games, also encourages diagonal jumping.
    • With buffering, all of the semi-autos would also need to be re-balanced and probably additionally have their recoil reduced, but I'd be fine with it.
    • I'd also like if you could shoot while vaulting, however, as far as I know, your character model (and hitbox?) is kind of out of place when vaulting, which makes it hard to hit people that vault, so you'd also need to fix that.
    • Name scouting is unintuitive, but I think hiding enemy names behind the airport flaps, the titan smoke or the cruise water would result in weird interactions where you can see the enemy player model, but the name doesn't pop up, especially considering that many of these objects don't nearly obstruct your vision as much as smoke grenades do. It'd probably feel pretty weird, so I'd keep the mechanic.
    • I'd love it if the initial scope sway was removed entirely. Please don't force the sway on me instead, it can make the snipers very frustrating to use.
    • Half scoping barely affects gameplay. It looks cool, but I'd also be fine if the scope scopes in as quickly as it usually does. Adding more time to gain full accuracy instead would make jump peeking with snipers even less effective than it already is, and I'd hate to see that.
  • some people are accused of being hackers because other people dont know some basics of the game like you listed, thats why i asked to the topic to be fixed. But anyway, l dont care that much.

    I don't see why anyone would accuse someone else of cheating for any of these mechanics, except for maybe name scouting, and that one should be very obvious to anyone playing the game.

    In either case, the fault lies with those who blindly accuse others for cheating in public despite having zero game knowledge, not with the game or the players using these mechanics.

  • Wow never knew ironsight has even worse mechanics...

    The thread should be named as Exploiting Mechanics


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    <3Quickscoping most of the time<3





  • There's another bug I found that affects you heavily as a sniper, but there's not much you can do to avoid it except always quickswitch (which doesn't feel as satisfying imo).

    When shooting your DSR and you don't quickswitch, during the bolting animation, you can usually sprint.

    However, sometimes the game just completely prevents you from sprinting, leaving you vulnerable and slow to get to cover.

    I found out that this happens when you fire your secondary once. As soon as you fired the secondary, no matter which one it is, the issue will occur and you won't be able to sprint while bolting.