HQ REPORT #3 - Communication reestablished - Transmission incoming

  • But you know that there are already about 10 or so weapons ready to ship, that were in the korean version prodbyharry ? You even got them in your game already, but they are just not activated. (gotta look this up if its actually true, but there IS data about alot more guns, just havent checked on the specific models. Im sure they are there already). Same goes for bullet types.

    Its literally intern work to release them. Also: doing that would not make a huge difference in patch delivery for the needed patches, since all we heard so far is about that obnoxious netcode patch, that is like 1 year too late. All i know is that the game got like 1 bug patched, the report system was just literally patched out, not fixed, and there are like 3 new bugs introduced.

    Correct me if im wrong.

    Edit: there is only the mosinnagant for raw weapon models, but there is more for accessories and stuff.

  • Replying to this feels so dumb to me, but whatever.

    Just because you find unreleased item XY in the files doesn't mean its live-server ready 'nor actually allowed to be released by Aeria/Gamigo at this point in time.

    None of us know how every patch, fix etc. is handled internally between Publisher and Developer - what does cost money? what doesn't? Does Aeria/Gamigo buy licenses for each patch or do they own the rights to everything up until Korean-version shut down or not?

    Or is Aeria/Gamigo just using current funds to push netcode-fix / public test server ASAP?

    We literally know nothing, its also not our buisness, yet you lot act like you've known and seen it all. Literally can tell that none of you actually ever was involved in publishing a game or working together with korean devs, which most likely barely speak english.

    "Its literally intern work to release them." - this made me giggle like a little school maid btw xd

    Also Chopper moving on doesn't mean anything LOL. Imagine getting a promotion our moving to a new task at your company, cause your expertise is needed there - doesn't sound unusual at all ;)

    I'm not denying that the game has a lot of issues, but please don't act like you've discovered the cure for all problems. You literally don't. And none of us will.

    Thats solely up to the publisher in co-operation with the developer.

  • Well a cure we all discovered for all problems for ironsight is to close servers xD


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  • im really not optimistic for this versions fate either on the long run

    i wont be investing my money in because im fully expecting to see a sunset/termination notice till the end of this year.

  • "'I shall deal with the matter momentarily,' he said. It was a good word. It always made people hesitate. They were never quite sure whether he meant he'd deal with it now, or just deal with it briefly. And no-one ever dared ask."

    - Terry Pratchett.