A Semi-Well Organized List of Possible Improvements for the Game/ Community

  • Hello everyone! :)
    I mostly browse the Forum and am not active here but wanted to create a little list of improvements for the game from a community standpoint.
    Outside of the obvious netcode plague, the game is fine in a gameplay sense but the longevity of the game is in hard question so outside of that one giant issue, here we go:

    #1 Lobby Contracts - So currently we have daily contracts, events, and Achievements in the lobby. Seems like a lot but it honestly isn't at all.
    Event content usually lasts about a week for active players while daily contracts finish in 4 games easily if you're in a party.
    If anything, it would be nice to have weekly contracts that give out something like 5 chips or 3k-5k for a mission like "get 150kills with _________" or "win 5 games in a row".
    This would really encourage players to try out new weapons which in return will encourage players to spend money on more weapons.

    Pushing contracts further, I feel like there should be one "epic contract" that lasts either one or two weeks giving a cumulative reward that doesn't expect everyone to complete it.
    Example: "Kill 500 enemies with a melee weapon (similar to achievements)" which will pay 500GP every 10kills +1k every 50kills and 15 chips after 500kills which most won't get.

    #2 Community Events - A few months ago, the community seemed pretty active with tournaments but that seemed to have disappeared recently. Does the IS community have plans for future tournaments? If not I'd be happy to host one. The potential of an actually esports scene for this game is extremely high due to it being free-to-play and is more related to COD rather than CS-GO which already has CrossFire. I know so many players that want more rewards for winning with parties so I'm pretty much begging for Aeria/the competitive community to step up and push this.

    A fun idea would weekly streams headed by the Ironsight community with clan battles. have 4 clans a week do either a 3v3 or 5v5 as livestreamed scrims. Would encourage the newer players to pursue joining communities:!::!::!:

    #3 Spectator Mode - In relation to tournaments, you have to livestream and produce content in order for it to really be viable. The one thing that drives me absolutely insane is how there's no information about the individual player you're spectating. No username, no gun name, ammo, kda, etc... the only way to know who you're spectating is via free camera or 3rd person camera.
    Another issue is not being able to choose who specifically you're spectating. I'm almost required to use free camera in order to keep track of what's going on. I have 2 computers and an Elgato. Could easily stream both freecam and playercam at the same time if there was more visual information.

    #4 Custom Matches - Please allow lobby leads to create preset modes. Would love to be able to set up tournament lobbies with specific scores, times, etc... And also to be able to set teams before a match starts so that one misclick doesn't for a reset.

    So once again, these are all mostly my opinions mixed in with what I hear the community talk about frequently while playing on several discord servers.
    My background in gaming is from COD MLG events so when it comes to community hubs and such, I'm always a huge stickler for competition.

    So what's everyone else's thoughts? Regardless, I do plan on hosting some sort of tournament either late January or mid February if I receive some consent/help from Community Leads of the game.

    Happy Holidays! <3

  • Good Idea but I think we need these too.

    1 Free For All(Every map 10 players) in Match making.

    2 New game mode(CTF, GunGame).

    3 New weapon for every type

    4 Two new drones

    5 Make all characters free just unlock through achievements.

    5 Remove CHIPS.

    If you made these changes. That would make me happy.

  • Just a note about CHIPS.

    Look at most of the F2P games, PC, mobile, whatever. Most of the time you have 2(3) currencies:

    • The first one is the most obvious - real money - represented by AP on our games - but that's the one I put aside
    • So back to 'real' game currencies:
      • 1 - the free one, that your earn very easily in every game, just by playing - GP in Ironsight
      • 2 - the paid one, that you can still earn for free, but no that easily, the grind is real, or that you can buy - CHIPS in Ironsight

    A F2P game, even if it has free in it, has to make some money, right?

    Paid currency, or CHIPS in our case, is the main way to do so.

    You can't just remove a feature like that without breaking something about the game (here, its economic).

    Was just my 2cents about this topic.

    The rest of the feedback is interesting and I share the same opinion about some of them.

    Keep it coming!

  • Chips are the main premium currency, and to my knowledge the main method that Wiple recieves payment. As annoying as the possibly obscenely priced chip transactions are, I don't think they can just be removed

    Chips make it confusing to players who spend AP. $1 is 100ap(Used to be 10ap). Multiple currencies make is harder to track how much money you spend. It is a DIRTY tactic to get in our wallets. I see many game companies are famous for this tactic. They had 4 currencies in AVA at one point. Last making us pay for Female Characters is the old trick in the book. I am shocked to see this terrible tactic used.

    Chips are $50 every 500c, character s are $25 a piece. This is the dirtiest ta tic I have ever seen a F2P game do.

    And this is your defense.

    "F2P game, even if it has free in it, has to make some money, right?"

    So you use the shadiest tactic to rob kids and trick them to buy, a female character for $25. And how you have Glorified slot machines AKA Loot Boxes. That is a pothectic excuse. It is worse then "It's player choice" or "Sence of pride and accomplishment". Now we have another quote to add "F2P game, even if it has free in it, has to make some money, right?"

    It is the manipulative tactics that are making me pissed off. Earn chips easily for free? No you can't earn 250 chips easily. It is a grind most out of any game I have played. I earn 1 - 2 chips when I play. I play one maybe 2 times a week. Giving you benefit of the doubt. After 55 weeks I have 110 chips still not even half. Most people quit an online game after 1 year. Remove CHIPS add customizable female make all characters 80,000gp or 250ap. Skins are not hard to make I xan make them easily.

    I spent $350+ on AVA with aeria games. What I listed above is why you have gotten $0 from me. Chance it you will get money from me. Its just a COD Casino with no manitary value.

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  • Some great ideas there Stra2GG, I have the same frustration about the 'no info' when spectating and being able to create customs games would be a lot of fun (count me in for some tournaments then ^^).

    Other than that, some more game modes would be a great addition and probably fixing some smaller bugs as well (I'm still unable to equip any titles/emblems and can't purchase some paint for my guns even though I have the right amount of money for it).

    Another change that might just be me but personally I would prefer the highlight at the end of the game to be the final kill of that game. Now it's just the guy who got the most multi kills so a lot of times the highlight is something that happened like 20sec after the game started. I think it will be much more fun to have the last kill be the highlight, seeing there is only 1 more kill left pushes players to really go for that final one, maybe even try tricks to get a funny/awesome highlight.

    And finally it would be great if I could buy just chips with my AP points whilst now if you want to have chips (to unlock special characters, clothes or dances) you need to buy the full package deals with the guns and stuff even though they might contain guns that you don't even use (like if you aren't a sniper yet you need to buy the pack with the sniper rifle just to get the chips). I'm more than happy to support this game money wise and buy some stuff now and then but I don't want to keep buying the same packs and guns just to get to the chips :(

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  • Allow me to crunch some numbers for you.

    Ironsight doesnt have a grind like most other games. You can play for 30 minutes a day, you can play for 20 hours a day: you wont be any closer to getting chips. You cant binge grind chips

    Chips require commitment, not a grind. You earn chips quite quickly, you just need to play often. Chips are also the main source of income for Wiple games. They dont make money from Gp. They dont make much money from direct AP purchases. And getting in a frizzle because you dont play the game enough to earn a certain skin wont get you anywhere.

  • What I did was go off on chips per 2 days, which is when the bidaily box resets. I didnt factor that in to the final count, which meant I showed as getting about1.5x more chips than normal. Thanks for pointing this out.

    The last point still stands though. To earn chips, you need to play many days, rather than several hours per day

  • Earn chips easily for free?

    I said the opposite :D

    But I understand your opinion and as I said previously I do share the opinion of the community regarding some aspects of the game.

    I'm here to try and improve things, this is why I am here trying to answer some of your concerns.

    And finally it would be great if I could buy just chips with my AP points

    I know the shop is not very user friendly but you can already do this... You can directly buy CHIPS for APs.

    The more currencies you have, the more easily players lose sight of the real value of a currency.

    I understand and agree with this, but I think 3 currencies is not that much. But only my opinion, as a Free 2 Play player as well.

    Chips are also the main source of income for Wiple games. They dont make money from Gp. They dont make much money from direct AP purchases.

    Please dear Noobles, don't talk about things you know nothing about =D

    I won't go into details, for obvious business reasons, but this is not the way it works.

    To earn chips, you need to play many days, rather than several hours per day

    This is something common to many F2P if you take a look. Most of them offer you some kind of daily reward/grind, because they don't especially want you to play a lot, but they want you to play on a regular basis.


    Anyway, once again, please keep the feedback coming!

    Stra2GG - Feel free to update your original post if you notice some feedback from other member of the community that you didn't think of and agree with.

  • I don't see a giant issue with character skins costing 25$.

    What? You don't see anything wrong? That is the oldest tactic in the book they are using. It is way out of line $27USD(270c/2700ap)for a skin. This is why games are half broken when they release. You let them rip us off, $27 for a gun or Character is outrageous.

    Only a brain dead robot would spend $27 for TNT weapon skin and $27 to play as a girl. There is no defending it, its worse the BF2s "A sense of pride and accomplishment".

    If CTF wont work why does COD have it? It was my fave game mode in MW2/BO1(Quit after BO1)

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  • That being said, I'd prefer it if all character models had the same hitbox, so that character skins really don't provide an in-game advantage.

    All the characters actually do have the same hitbox.

    But, personally, I find it harder to acknowledge/aim at female characters than males ones at a distance because they are harder to see at times.

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  • Hello everyone!
    Thanks for the responses :) Really loving the discussion.

    I do have a possible solution for the chip issue that would also increase in game spending.
    Though I would prefer to start by adding weekly incentives and such for playing, the game may want to copy what warframe does.
    And by that I mean tradable premium currency. This would also mean that skins or weapons would have to become tradable but this may be an extremely
    good way for grinding players to save while encouraging others to buy currency in order to create a constantly flowing market.
    I'm an economist so these kinds of ideas always float into my head haha.

    Can confirm that shooting the side of the female char's hip results in a hit.
    So currently assuming the hitboxes are similar THOUGH you would have a peak advantage.

  • In regards to keeping money flowing both in game/in production, you guys might want to meet about creating a much more active economy.
    I previously just talked about making chips a tradable currency while opening up the skin market similar to CSGO without direct money transactions.
    But another thing that should be looked at is the value of Gold vs Chips.

    It seems like the value of the currencies are a bit off. 20 chips is equal to 5,000 GP which is only a quarter of a primary weapon or $2 though 30 chips / $3 equates to a high chance of getting a 40,000 gp item. Of course I don't know the lootbox statistics but I feel like the spending power of GP should be increased by about 30%-50% in order for users to actively pursue using more guns which may in the end encourage them to purchase skins for more guns.

    Would love to talk with whoever manages the game's economy to see what their ideology is regarding what will psychologically encourage a purchase of ap or chips from the cash shop. My main job is to manage financial situations between company acquisitions and so I'm used to seeing a company's uses of currency completely change sometimes for the better and of course sometimes for the worse.

    Anyways wall of economics text is done lol...

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  • Allow me to crunch some numbers for you.

    Your maths is way off, you didn't separate for whether certain chip rewards are per day or every second day which messed up your calculations.

    ss (2018-12-29 at 03.23.29).png

    U get 250 chips in about 60 days (if u login ever 2 days for chip box and every 5th day for 5 chips and do daily missions)


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  • I would also like to end this post with a recommendation: Once players catch on that the lootboxes in this game are a literal scam with unbelievably low drop rates (compare Drop rates in common crates), they will stop spending money on this game. Your whales will stop spending money as well, except for those who are mentally ill enough to drop 500 bucks to acquire a specific purple skin, and I'm not sure if AG wants to encourage that, because those people are often not the kind of people that can afford it.

    That's what I have been saying for a year. AG knows how their cash shop works its been the same sense 06. In WolfTeam body armor cost real money and its not even perm. This game will not last through 2020. Even is they fixed all of its problems. People are waking up noticing the shady tactics. At least in AVA when they had capsules where you got to see the odds.

    There is 250 capsules per digital gachapon machine. 1 is the jackpot, as people buy your odds of winning will go up. They usually last till 50/250 which is 1/5.