Regarding Russia/CIS Countries Block (Updated: January 11th, 2019)

  • I dont know about 4 games in ru, but is fine cuz still playing warface... Do warface the famous fps game in Russia?

  • these are completely different games have nothing in common.

  • Why do the baltic countries get affected by this block?

    This game is not even Close to being big enough to survive a change like this. I enjoyed the game a lot but I refuse to play with any Russian publisher.
    I do not speak Russian and they have the habit of not translating their game to English.

    I guess it was fun while it lasted. One of the best free to play shooters I have played.

  • Well... This Sucks... Almost Lvl 270 Account Thrown In Trash... With 400k Gold Lol...

    Is This The End End ?

    Using VPN Still Illegal ? Btw?

    Why Those Countries Got Blocked ?? 2k19 Present or Prank ?


  • the reason is stated in the first sentence of the first page. A publisher looses the right to publish in a specific country when another publisher decides to host the same game for its region. In such cases the affected publishers don't have much of a choice than block these countries, if nothing else has been agreed to

  • A publisher looses the right to publish in a specific country when another publisher decides to host the same game for its region.

    But there is no IS in other region yet and eta when it will be launched. Why you could not make an agreement to implement a geo block only after the game is launched in other region?

    Do not play against cheaters and hackers, it is waste of your time and health.

  • Ahahah this is so sad. I agree that you should've sold the game to another publisher, maybe even a startup, but not to these one-man companies with nothing but servers for processing transactions.

    Guys, dont blame only them, blame Russia for terrible laws too.

    Who else forces you to have servers in their country in order to speak their language? Russia.

    Russia forces you to have your servers inside itself in order to let you speak its language.:)

    Also, yes, foxes can purr

  • Okay, I understand that this new publisher will sell all the sh*t for high money, because I already played their other game called PointBlank and it was full of shitty weapons with skins of russian flags and etc., so you can't transfer items. But why the f*ck we must lose the level? At least transfer our profile level to the new one. Who wants to waste their f*cking time to start from zero level when you have 100+?

  • Hey everyone,

    I see there are several questions revolving around the block itself. Unfortunately we haven't much to say except the decision wasn't ours. Depending on the question, it would be pointless/unethical/illegal for us to respond.

    We are sorry for the inconvenience.

    You won't have bestocatto over there but I hope it will be enjoyable!

  • I will now close this thread as the discussions are deviating too much from the original piece of news. Please note that we recommend Ironsight players to play on the game version published in their region. I would also like to point out that while we are aware that certain players manage to connect to our version even from countries for which we do not hold the license, Aeria Games/gamigo cannot support players attempting to connect to our version of the game from these countries.