Detail Trusted Review – after 250h+ game time

  • As I finally get my hands on new gaming beast I am moving onto BF5 and CoD BO4 leaving Ironsight forever. With stats that I achieve in the game so far I think, that I am the right person to talk, because there are SOOO MUCH work on the game that need to done ASAP. This review is focused basically on newcomers and people who dont find the game as enjoyable as before.


    BAD NETCODING - I dont even know how repair of bad netcoding could took more then half a year. I mean, really, what are devs doing that whole time? (I am pretty suspicious, that they are currently working on new skins.) So yea, its problem number 1, shots are not connecting as they should. Many times you just get shot as you are already behind a wall. Is so bad, when your dead body behind is a wall while seeing the enemy shooting in totally different angle. Only if you are in really good psychical condition and you wont get mad after several times dying somewhere, where you shoudnt be seen – then try it.

    NO STEAM VERSION – devs in spring 2018 – game will be released for Steam in late 2018. Really? Another promise for playerbase, that was a big lie. Marketing tip number one for devs (if this game has a marketing section) – never lie to people, be honest and direct. Dishonesty never helps you, people just get mad and you lose them.

    ABSENT VOICE CHAT – absolutelly necessery stuff. I was mainly playing with friends on TS3 and discord, but sometimes you just need to talk to your mates in S&D as fast as possible. I dont even know a single multiplayer based game without voice chat = -rep for Ironsight

    ABSENT REPORT SYSTEM – report system was taking away for rework some time ago, never got back again. You simply cant report anyone in the game. Moderators opinion is to take a videosequence of a cheater and post it on forum – but really? Who would care to take that much effort to shot someone who might be cheating, uploading a video….. wow, we are late 2018. Next big thing and reason, why you should avoid it at all costs.

    ABSENT GAME MODES – all in all hame has like 3 modes – TDM + Resources takeover (fake kill confirmed – basically TDM with a twist) – thats one. Secure points (fake dominations) thats two. S&D – thats three. Front line does not working properly – unplayable at the moment, but if you queue it for like 10 minutes, you surelly find one and discover its problems. DEVS – where are other copied modes? Sabotage, demolition, FAMOUS CAPTURE THE FLAG, Headquaters, Search and Rescue…. and what about fun modes (Gun Game, SharpShooter, Sticks and Stones...) Wager matches - perfect stuff, because game contributes in game currency - Player 1 bet 50 000 gold, Player 50 000 as well - small arena, Xbow and throwing knife only and here we go, winner takes all - here challenge begins. Everyone can find what suits him the best. But yee, 3 modes that all = POOR

    ABSENT RAW INPUT – self explanatory

    CHEATERS – after more than 250h of play time, 150+ level, K/D 2,30+ and thousands of hours in fps games (COD MW1 – 2000h, MW2 – 1500h, MW3 – 2200h, BO – 1800h, BO2 – 2100h) I think I can differentiate players that are really good and cheaters. With my skills and stats I am maybe in like 5% top of playerbase skill. I know really good players and clans over the game and yee, they DO NOT cheat, they are really good, they work as a team, +rep for em.

    But wait a minute – clan Hackers – there is a guy with K/D 4,5+ and 2000+ matches played, thats like 30/7 in EVERY SINGLE GAME – not a single mistake. Firstly I was like huh maybe he is really good, he knows the game from Alpha, yee true pro. But then I realised his Best Kills is 120+… huh? With my 5 friends we try to achieve max kills in a game for 1 person – resourse takeover setup, 4 people just UAVS and spy drones, faster dornes skill perk, 5th one with hellbird, metal reaper, ar-57 go for the kill. We manage to hit couple of 10 minutes games vs newcomers, where we just go for 75 points+ then leaving resourses just staying in back for one player to hunt everything. After 10 minutes and like 8-9 tries max kills was 82 per match. So 120+, huh…. That is not even possible in TDM (100 kill to win). But yee maybe in early Alpha there was a way to make it – ok who cares. But wait a minute, that guy has 95%+ winrate, W.T.F? Thats like out of 20 matches – 1 lost, and now you know something in fishy. Pure cheater. A close friend of mine wanna join Hackers clan – you need to pay them money and they will provide you with private cheats. They use em really wiselly, maybe just first 2 minutes in TDM, first 3 round of S&D… just to patch the win. Blatantly cheating, they even type in chat sites where to download cheats… devs wont make anything. Just type in Youtube – Ironsight hacks/cheats and you will see how easy it is to cheat in game. So all in all this game does not have any good anti-cheat and playing the game vs cheater is not enjoyable. On the other hand + site is, that there are not many cheaters, but surelly the game is not clean.

    ESCORT DRONE SHOOTING THROUGH WALL – self expanatory, drones movement is just really bad. 50% of time, escort drone just shoot you from behind a wall, through a wall, sometimes its just stuck under the map. What are devs doing whole time, do they even play or test the game?

    AFTER AIMNG DOWS SIGHTS - MAP HUD DOES NOT DISAPPEAR – yee, map hud, like Targer A, Target B, Resourse Location, wont disappear. I know perfect spots to use that to my advantage. When you know where to stay, you can get legal wh. Noone can see you, because in the way is big TARGET A sign, so you can aim in a clever angle to shoot anyone down because of those signs. ADS should make those signs disapper like in every single different game or there should be an option to turn MAP HUD off. Its good for newcomers I get that – but after 250h you just know where all targets are…

    MINORS but REALLY ANNOYING problems:

    DETONATING BOMB KILLS FRIENDS – annoying. In this game you cant damage or kill your mates. But if the bomb detonates in S&D, it kills EVERYONE in range – it counts as kill and bomb planters get points for it. So team kill with a bomb count and kill with points award – lol, retarded game. Most annoying facti s moment where you kill the last enemy that defuing the bomb, round ends woth scoreboard but next round staret in like 5-6 secs. In this time bomb detonates, you die, because you cant move, COUNTING AS DEAD, PLANTER GETS POINT FOR TEAM KILL AND KILLS IN STATS. Teamkilling in this game with bomb plant is really a benefit, AKA how to get on the top of a scoreboard. =REPAIR AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

    PROHIBITED WORDS – and you think that can stop people, LUL? For example word fack (with u) is prohibited and typing f.a.c.k or f ack is ok. I cannot type in lobby VOTE TITAN – Titan is prohibited word – because of T.I.T. Next example of how devs work on game.

    6 MAN LOBBY – typical game mode (not front-line) has 6 players in team, but you can queue with max 5 man lobby – how retarded.

    GRANATES/SEMTEX THROW – bad coding again, sometimes you just get bug where or character throws granate instantly without pulling out a pin. So you cannot properly time your throw, thinking yee I have time, because pulling out a pin then throw – but sometimes throw is just instant – so yee, next problem.

    UNNABLE TO FIND STATS OF OTHER PEOPLE (COVERING CHEATERS – HUH?) – if you want to know other players stats it does not work in game and in lobby as well, right/left click on anyone does not make anything. The only was is to remember detailed name of a person, finding him in ranked play – show his stats. But wait a minute sometimes event this DOES NOT WORK. Sometimes you just cant show proper stats of you friends, stats just didnt show up. And what about when player name is _____0_____, you really dont know how many underscores in player name is, so you cannot find him after match.

    KILLS WITH ENEMY GUNS DOES NOT COUNT – when you are out of bullets, you just switch to any gun on the floor. They count towards you challenges, but not towards your stats and gun level – other mistake devs – work on it.

    SHOWING WRONG PRICE OF A WEAPON – yee you got me, I really want that DSR Fire Monkey – so I start to safe up badly. But when I got there I realised, you cannot buy that gun – price 500 CHIPS is there just for fun, you cant buy it, the only way is to get it from a case. In gun detail I found – it can be opened from Superior Supply box, but after detailed search I found, that I can open it from other 2 cases too. So 2 mistakes in 1 (Bravo OLALA, 2 for 1 free :D ) – some guns you just cant purchase, even if they have price and displayed cases from where to get it, are not correctly shown up – this problem can take like 10 minutes of coding – but you know – devs dont make anything like usual.

    KNIFE SYSTEM – self explanatory, play the game – you will see. Sometimes you just knife someone in the back, seein blood, not a single damage done. Knifing from prone does not count. Tested on private server. But yee, that problem is just very minor, just do not use knife, always shoot, pick up guns from the floor, play like without knife.

    DEADCAM SHOW WRONG INFO – sometimes you just meet someone with good setup and you wonder which sklil tree of attachments he has… well deadcam shows up from info, players kills you with M4 (you can see it in kill feed), in deadcam – karambit knife. LOL, another example of devs „hard work.“

    ABSENT SKILLS – if you copy CoD BO2 and make Ironsight Hybrid, copy it perfectly, where are skills like scavenger – pick up ammo from ground, Cold Blooded – absolutelly necessery – cover before UAV, Hellbirds...

    SPY DRONES + UAV NOT WORKING – sometimes you just have spy drone or uav, looking on radar and someone kills you. He wasnt shown on radar – because why? NETCODING XD. So even if your UAV is on, do not count on it. In like 10-15% of times it does not show proper info. And I knew enemy does not have Jammer Drone, nothing was dispayed on HUD and it was in S&D….

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  • Because this Forum is poorly managed and you can type just 10 000 characters, here is the statement:

    All in all this is the most annoying stuff that should be worked on. If you wonder why people leaving from this game, this is the answer. Game is enjoyable for like first 150h, to level 70-80. You learn the maps, play every mode, find gun that suits you the best, open some cases… gg, game is not worth grinding anymore. Massive problem is that developer went in a way of MONEY BEG SIMULATOR V2, they just do not care about the game itself, just adding in last 6 months new skins and small events where you can get new title and emblem for profile + free keychain for weapon. Devs purelly count on making new skins and characters and BEGS FOR MONEY in sales, but 100% proper working game is nowhere to be seen. (BTW WHAT WAS THAT BLACK FRIDAY SALE DEVS? – I want to buy 1000 chips and it was just for first 5 people, lol? Marketing specialist should be fired. You are selling license – digital product. You can sell any number of those to any number of accounts. So basically I want to give you my money – but I cant, your problem. :D ) Imagine Steam making this – sale for first 500 people – players would ate them. If you making sale on digital product with unlimited number of possible conversions – making it possible for just someone, you just stab urself.

    So yea thats it, start working on the game instead of making new skins, and maybe, just maybe the game will be playable and you catch a playerbase. If you have social media coordinator employer you must seen it, try to watch some youtubers talking about future of Ironsight. By the way, if EpixLarious read this – you know. So maybe I am leaving but with this review you have what you need to catch new players and the game can shine again.

    As time is worth money and I give you the best info I can to make this game absolutelly top, now you should thanks me and share with me some free chips for my friends (because they stay in the game – they do not have PCs for BF+CoD). I wrote this about 90 minutes and that should be worth like 30-40 dollars. As a thankfull reaction, you can private message me 4 codes for 100 chips each (I need gifts for my friends.) Now start working on your deadlines – first one – Steam version till end of 2018 as promised. Good luck my friends. :)

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  • A very interesting and in-depth opinion of the current state of the game. That is, right until you got to the end there. Begging for in-game currency for you and your cronies because you wrote a big forum post takes away most of the credibility of your report. If you have 30-40 dollars on hand right now, I'd recommend buying Black Ops 2 again, since you seem to think IronSight should be a 100% clone of that

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