Militaires Sans Frontieres' Expansion into Ironsight!!!

  • Hello, we are Militaires Sans Frontieres. Our multi-gaming clan primarily focuses on military-themed shooters, such as Battlefield 5. We are mainly an EU clan, however we will accommodate players of other regions as well if they adapt to our schedule. FYI I am an NA player :)

    Requirements to join our clan:

    -You must be an active player and be willing to contribute to our community.

    -You should preferably have a microphone.

    -You must not get angry if you're in a party and your clan mates aren't playing their best.

    -There is no K/D requirement.

    -There is no age requirement. However, we do ask that you are mature and not toxic.

    -We do ask that you can understand English because that is the universal language of our clan and I don’t understand anything else too well.

    If you are willing to be part of our community and can meet the requirements, feel free to hop into our Discord:

    If you have any other questions, DM me :)