Error code 15

  • No, that did not solve the problem either ... but now I think the problem is great, I formatted my pc today, and I tried to install it again, but when I click on the download link inside the site, the same message appears, it happens same thing when I try to sign in ...


  • No, that did not solve the problem either

    It is not you fault at all. Their any-spam protection marks you as a spam bot... I am as a webmaster never use any third party software to protect my sites because i have no full control over it and mostly it is useless. I actually do not know what you need to do ... I think they need to address this issue to webmaster(s) in order to disable that protection.

    Do not play against cheaters and hackers, it is waste of your time and health.

  • "please contact the admin of the site you are trying to access in order to clarify this. The service is protecting their website, it has nothing to do with your account. This error is not on your side, nor ours. It is probably an error on the website which results in a generic error page. This error page has our logo, because the website uses Incapsula"

    That was de response of support...