[SUGGESTION] Simple Colors For all weapons ❇

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    Hey Folks!

    Today I made simple Colored Weapons Skins With "as an Example " the Msbs 5.56b // Scar-H // Tar-21 (not time to do it for all weapons) :D

    Some players like to have weapons skins in Black/red/green/yellow/orange/purple/cyan there we go

    For myself as a 26 years old player I prefer simple color more than weird skins but that's just my opinion;)

    Sadly it's missing in Ironsight So I decided to do them to show to players/and mostly Devs <3, it could be nice to have them in-game for smoething like :

    8000 or 10.000 Gp


    50, 100 CHIPS// AP For all weapons in-game

    (for the people in the back of the classroom saying ( that's Paywall,unfair,100,too much blabla) I just want to say (they need to make money like everyone! and servers/devs/website/more cost MONEY "a lot" so be quiet :D watch and learn and remember the game Is FREE

    and without money your favorite game can probably closed forever in 3 month without your support :(

    I did it for those weapons "msbs/scar/tar" because the color "sandPlatic" is <X look the Scar-h in black is lovely AF


    for The Msbs : little modification : the up of the b utt is black, the pistol grip too

    for The Scar-H : the pistol grip and the front Handle,the b utt and the loading magazine are in black

    thank for reading me see you on the BattleField! :evil: AltarKan over!Tar21 color.jpg

    ScarH color.jpgMsbs color switch.jpg