HighLights Request to Community

  • I collect highlights to make a IS movie.

    What highlights are needed?

    -Flickshots, Quadro, Pentas, Another Sick Actions.


    Quality: 60 fps, Quality settings in game: High or Ultra, 720p and Higher

    How u can record highlight?

    -To Nvidia users: Playshadow
    -To AMD users: Amd Relive
    -Fraps or Bandicam.

    You can use highlights from MVP match.

    I will make movie with random players after my release.

    How to send me a highlight?

    Discord PM: ! av4sx#8698

    Videos uploaded to YouTube & etc hosts is not accepted. Only originals.

    There is no need to answer

    Where can I upload a video?


    Thx, Cya.