(AGN) A Gaming Network

  • Are you ready to join a fun, simple and amazing gaming network? Well, this is the server for you!

    My mission is to keep AGN simple, and easy to use.

    This is for people who hate those cluttered Discord servers. So many chat rooms, so many bots, etc. This is not one of those servers. Just join, then hop into the voice chat of the game you are playing, and boom that's it. Most of all remember to have fun!


    AGN. Simple and easy to use. Games are organized by genre making it simple to find the game you

    are looking for.

    Unlike other clan's/communities, we optimized the server for one thing, gaming, and ease of use.

    When joining our server you will realize that there aren't unnecessary text/ voice channels, and a ridiculous amount of roles. This is the point of our server, very clean and easy to use.

    No tag wearing either. As soon as you join our server you become a member. No going though admins and such asking to become a member. We don't toss you to the side like other servers do with some "Random Gamer" role. You join, you are part of our Network family. Plain and simple.


    https://discord.gg/sJncwY6 Join and be a part of our Network family. Feel free to ask any questions.