Front-line mode crashes the game.

  • Is anyone has this problem?

    When I play Fron-line it crashes and It happens 100% if the match lasts long. For example, I am on atack and the 1st point we take quick. Then we have ~8 minutes for 2nd point. When it remains 30/60/120 seconds on timer, the crash happens. So it 100% happens on deffence, because I need to deffend for the whole time (~8-10 minutes). Sometimes it happened (2-3 times) in the main menu after the match - when the match ends quickly (4-5 minutes), I quit to the main menu and the game crashes. It never happened with other modes, even in the secure point, when I played for 5 rounds (score 2-3) and "search and destroy" (score 4-5). Noticed it after server maintenance in last days of september (don't remember exact date). I had the game on one SSD and 2 days ago reinstalled it on the other SSD - didn't worked

  • Sorry for disturbing. Don't bother with it. I deleted the game, cause I can't bare these issues with:

    - netcode, ESPECIALLY when I see ad and posts about E-SPORT CHAMPS. The roots of the game are broken, but why not to make champs...Everytime I die 1 second later the moment I hided behind the corner reminds me Battlefield 4 release, even after 200 hours I played in Ironsight.

    - crashes

    - sick respawns, which is connected to your teammate's location (when I can easily spawn in 5-10m in front of enemie)

    - map optimization (front-line = drops from 250 to 90 FPS, the other map has 200 FPS minimun)

    - Oh...and these skin makes me to think, should buy the game (e.g. CoD or Overwatch or something else) or PRO PATRIOT USA "STARS AND EAGLE" SKIN...hard choice to do, you know

    - broken killfeed and killing menu (don't know how it calls), which is shown when enemy kills you. The problem is that it quite often shows my loadout, but not enemy's. For example, I die in close distance and 100% know that I was killed from shotgun, the menu shows me that I was killed with my loadout or, for example, with blade drone, because earlier I killed him with it. Sometimes it will show me the weapon\drone\granade with whitch I was killed by this player before, but not just right now. There many cases when I want to see from what weapon I was killed, but I can't, because even the killfeed (in the right-up corner) is not shown during that menu. And to the time I got respawned the line with my death is dessapeared!

    - POTG (play of the game)...of this POTG how I "love" this piece of garbage...I don't understand why the game still has it if it doesnt work in 70% of times. It wastes so much time between matches. I can see how someone dies and lies for 5-15 seconds and then in the last 3-4 seconds he respawns use Air Strike and kills 4 playes, sometimes player shoots the air and kills some. I mean, there is no enemy's player model

    - wasting the time between matches. Match ends, then I look at players who wins (5-10 seconds), then I look at my beloved POTG for 15-20 seconds, then the STUPID ENDLESS "PROCESSING RESULTS", that can proccessing for 1 minute!!! Dead developers, did you counted how much time you spend between 2 matches if you don't push any button and give the game start the new match, and then compare it with time when you quit the match after "Victory\Defeated" logo and start the new match by yourself?
    - 3 slots for loadouts..thanks for your generosity. Oh, it can be so enoying when you have to change loadout for the daily challange, especially when some attachment doesn't want to be attached. I think it happens cause of "double-click" system to "apply" your action. If you didnt do double-click in proper timing, when you can click 1kk times with mous of ever click on "USE" button, the attachment won't apply. IS IT HARD TO DO CLICK AND APPLYING SIMPLE

    I know it's beta, I know it's free, but I played Dirty Bomb 2 years ago and there was no problems with netcode like this, there was no problem with menus, killfeed, the donations are still more friendly than this game, The main problem it had - lack of content, which was partly solved with new maps and classes.

    Thank's for the game. Mostl of 200 hours were quite fun and good. Fix this game. I hope I will see it in Steam. Sorry for mistakes, cause Russia can only in hacking presedents and not in good English. And take care!