Weapon Design Contest - X-mas Edition

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    it's the most wonderful time of the year... blah blah blah. We don't have the time to get sentimental here. It's another time of the year, where war is going on. But of course, even mercenaries need some time off. So that you don't get bored in your free-time, you can once more design a weapon!


    Simply create your winter themed weapon. You will need to provide the source file (.psd,.gimp,.pdn or similar)

    Theme: Winter (X-mas, New Year's Eve etc.)

    Weapon Restrictions: None (You can use any weapon in the list.)

    You can find all weapon pictures to modify here.

    We will gather your submissions in this form. Feel free to share your designs as a reply to this event (NO DISCUSSIONS about copyright or similar!). Please make sure to submit in the form! You can find further instructions in the form.


    This event will run until the 15th of November (23:59 CEST).


    Should your design be implemented into the game, you will receive a version of the weapon.

    For our Top 3 weapons we will give each winner 50 Chips.


    • Only 1 submission by participant. Should you decide to create more designs, please post them here.
    • You have to have a VISUAL ASSET (picture). Please provide us your submission in a JPEG or PNG format.
    • Please include as well a link to download your PSD or similar file. If not, the team might deny your entry.
    • You must post your entry in the form given.
    • Any copyright infringement or piracy is absolutely forbidden. Your designs should be just that, your own designs!
    • We reserve the right to disqualify any design that may breach the rules of the contest or our ToS!
    • No exceptions for participation outside of the set time frame will be given. Sorry!
    • Nothing inappropriate!
    • Every submission to this contest can and will be used by Aeria Games, Wiple Games and/or gamigo for promotional purposes.
    • By submitting your design, you agree that your submission will be used for commercial purposes (such as sales, implementation etc.) by Aeria Games, Wiple Games and/or gamigo.
    • The winning design will be decided by the CM Team.

    Let's see what you got.

    Your Ironsight Team

  • My submissions for the XMAS Weapon Design! Tell me which one is your favorite! Constructive criticism is welcomed :)

  • My submissions for the XMAS Weapon Design! Tell me which one is your favorite! Constructive criticism is welcomed :)

    I highly recommend you to read the rules again ;)

    First of all, only one submission please.

    Second, please only submit your entry using the given form!