Some search settings for the quick match searching

  • What of my suggestion you like? (Can vote all) 4

    1. Suggestion 1 (3) 75%
    2. Suggestion 2 (2) 50%
    3. Suggestion 3 (3) 75%

    I'm a newbie on this game but i have some sugestions to intruduce to you, and apply them if you like them.

    1. My first suggestion is the same way we choose game mode we can choose the maps we want to play.
    2. Other suggestion is add to the settings of the Quick match the game mode sniper and FFA.
    3. My last sugestion is add a option to the custume match creation or if possible of on Quick Match an option to disable drones, other to disable all explosives, other to disable sniper. Persnoally i dont like play with drones, other dont like play with explosivesm other dont like play against snipers.

    I hope you like my sugestion. If the community like vote above or improve my suggestions

  • Imo both your first and second suggestions depend heavily on player-base and if the change is made before the player-base grows, it can make certain maps/modes made redundant.

    The third suggestions is great though and have saw many other players share the same opinion ^^