How popular is this game?

  • Everything is clunky as 5h1t and game-play doesn't feel at all smooth. Also, maps are 5h1t and spawns NEVER fucking change. Ironsight is heaven compared to that 5h1t. I literally installed Warface after like 2 hours. Also, Ironsight just looks the most triple-A out of all the free-to-play first person shooters ngl

  • warface is horrendous worse than ironsight. period

    Just curious, why do you hate Warface so much?

    For me Warface is very similar to Ironsight, but without drones and not so fast paced.

    Weapons aren’t the p2w part of Warface. It’s the Armor. That combined with high costs to repair makes it nearly imppossible for f2p players to be on an even playing field.

    Ever since took over that game has been run into the ground. It’s a shame.

  • Warface?!

    I played it alot. Was fun, a great game ... but Jeeeez ... ruined it all the way. P2W at its best and in addition flooded with red ping laggers (with and without "switch") and blatant cheaters.

    Just forget it, its DEAD.

    Another f2p shooter with high hopes was BlackSquad. But it's the same over there. Failed in Korea, now on Steam as "Early Access" for more than a year. Devs getting greedy more and more with random-boxes in boxes with keys to open for real money. They're squeezing the last drop out of it before it will go down the drain with laggers and cheaters as well.

    And the list goes on and on ... still waiting for a f2p shooter with devs who really care to keep the cheaters out for longer than the early open-beta-stage ...

    So far, Ironsight did rather well, but more because Cheat-Coders didn't care ... and you still can't tell if it's cheat or just the crappy netcode ...

    But i *still* like it ... and i really would like to see this game movin' to a shiny future ... let's wait and see ...

  • I heard warface is pay to win according to the steam reviews. :/

    Or the grinding just too high?

    Yea, i stopped playing Warface when i had around 55+ hours into it. Game was pretty dope and good at the beginning but it starts to get very boring when reaching level 20-ish, the grinding is hard and the community is pretty toxic.