Windows 10 Pro 64bit error:0xc0000005

  • Hello,
    After the recent security update, I get such an error after the lunch.

    Blocking the antivirus and reinstalling the game, and also clearing the registry junk do not help at all.
    There is a problem in the DEP of the game, and ironsight luncher can not be excluded from the DEP as it needs it to lunch. Any help ? Only reinstalling the windows helped for few days.

  • Can you go into much more detail of what error you're encountering and what that DEP is that you're mentioning? It would be helpful, if you could display your error with screenshots and technical details.


  • pasted-from-clipboard.png

    Graphics: Nvidia Quardro M2200

    I installed everything that came with ironsight, though it worked for few days and later it stopped. before this issue, it was working 4 months normally, then when this problem happened i reinstalled the windows and it worked fine for 6 days later the same problem.

  • on my gaming machine i decided to go for windows 7 again after month of trouble on all ends(there is cheap official copies in the net for around 10-15 bucks) and i am much more happy with that in every single regard of OS usage. before reinstalling win 10 again maybe think about it or perhaps you can upgrade your win10 to enterprise at least (which might not fix anything at all but is more slim).

    another thing: i think you can uninstall certain windows 10 updates you made in software center or somewhere in the depths of control panel. did u try uninstalling the security package?

    good luck

  • Uninstalling the security packet would not help as anyways it will have the same problem. I rather not install a different windows, as I have the original one now. I think Ironsight has some sort of bugs and soon it will be more affected players.

  • @Aadi888 yeah maybe that is something better to do on a seperate harddrive if available as it might cause other trouble as you said.

    Jack_Bros did you try to turn on "disable windows fullscreen optimization" or check nvidia settings. sometimes external hardware like usb devices can cause trouble. as there is no bug reports there is just try n´error left. anticheatsoftware blocked, overclocking, anything but ironsight and browser that you tend to install after windows installation. check windows 10 game mode settings, even though i have no idea what that would do.

    again good luck on that issue