High DPI and Low Sensitivity OR Low DPI and High Sensitivity?

  • Which one is better? I started with 2050 DPI, 6.5 in-game sensitivity, and 1.3 sniper sensitivity. I heard it was better to play with a high DPI and low sensitivity, so I switched over to having 13.3k sensitivity and a really low in-game and sniper sensitivity, keeping the camera movement the same. Now, watching this dude talk, he seems to be implying that it is better to play with relatively low sensitivities but higher in-game sensitivity. I am now thoroughly confused.

  • Robert_Ingersoll Try watching this guy's youtube video about exactly this topic here. He gives a visual representation on how it looks like in both high DPI and low sensitivity and low DPI and high sensitivity

    Although the video is for CSGO, I found this true for Ironsight by testing it out myself.

    Is there a FlloydTV?

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