[BUG] Player freezes in place while the game is going on!

  • This happens 4-5% of the time when I'm playing a game. The player would just freeze in place for about 8 seconds. When it happens, I'm able to look around, and that's all. I can't move, shoot, use an item, or anything else.

    The game is going on, the connection is fine since I can see other people shooting and killing, and my opponents can kill me while I'm frozen.

    I don't get this problem in any other game, my computer is fine. So what's going on?

  • Can you enable "Show FPS" in the settings? This option shows ping too and to me it sounds like you're getting high ping spikes since this is what happens.

    Yeah, when I freeze, it shows around 1000ms. But why? It doesn't happen in any other multiplayer game.

  • seems like a case of packet loss to me. The game currently uses TCP, so when packet loss occurs, the protocol asks for a re-send. This takes additional time, giving a significantly higher ping (>1000ms).

    Overall, I believe the cause for this is mainly TCP. Back when the game temporarily used UDP before they changed it back to TCP, you would not freeze at all (or at least not for me)

  • This ping spike happens in every match. It does not happen in any other game. I think something is wrong with the netcode. Also, not some of people are getting this problem. See the facebook page many people have written that they are getting ping spikes.

  • Yes, something is wrong with the netcode. Ironsight has a sluggish movement update rate and is using TCP protocol for its connections. This has been reported to the devs long ago. A fix was applied some time ago, but that introduced another game-breaking bug, so they reverted the netcode change.