A new logo

  • So, I know this might look a bit silly, but I really feel this awesome game deserves a better, cooler logo. The current one is too simple and doesn't represent how badass the game is. For example, the "O" could be an iron sight itself. I would love to help with that, but I'm not an artist myself, so here's an idea: what about a contest for a new logo? I believe there are lots of digital artists here, right? So each of them could design an stylish logo for the game and everybody votes for their favorite.

    Great bands have memorable logos (Iron Maiden, Metallica), so I always thought great games should have memorable logos too.

  • Doubt it will happen since it's kinda a big part of their branding now :/

    Gotta agree, but even great brands change their logo sometimes, and the game is not that popular yet, so I believe there's still time for that... I just think something more attractive and appealing would be good for the game, tbh the current logo is so simplistic it makes the game look boring if you don't watch any gameplay. I'm not a marketing expert but if you want to gain people's attention, everything counts.

  • Hey there, just passing by to back-up Helix.

    The suggestion is lovely, however, as said, this would be a full re-branding of Ironsight, since the logo is used in many different assets.

    And also, this decision belongs mostly to Wiple Games, although we could help them taking care of this.

    So the suggestion will be forwarded, but even if the 'project/idea' is accepted, it won't have a high priority.

    Anyway, we will let you know if it's ever decided to change the logo :)