[EVENT] New Location compromised

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    Everyone has a dream location he would always like to travel to or visit again in his life. This time you can imagine this place as a part of Ironsight, where you want to be deployed.

    We want you to imagine your most favorite place that you would like to see in the game, as a simple design event.


    You can simply participate by imagining your favorite real-life location that you would like to see in-game. You will need to give your place a name, a short description of 50-100 words and pictures (up to 4 in total). One real-life and one other picture is required. As "other" image you can use: a minimap example, additional own designs or a photo-shopped design of the location. The more effort you put into your submission, the more value it has at the end.


    This event will run until the 15th of December.

    rewards (2).png

    The best entry will receive: 1x Orange Weapon of Choice.

    Every serious participant will receive: 20 Chips + 1 Charm Slot Ticket


    • Only 1 submission per account.
    • You need to submit at least one real life picture and one "other" picture. The other picture can be: a minimap, a modified picture (with Photoshop or similar), or an own drawing. (Up to 4 images allowed in total)
    • You must provide VISUAL ASSETS. Please provide us your submission in .png or .jpg format for pictures/drawings/designs or a .gif for a short movie. Pictures of own 3D models are welcomed as well.
    • You must post your submission as an entry in this thread to participate.
    • Any copyright infringement or piracy will lead to disqualification.
    • Nothing inappropriate!
    • We reserve the right to disqualify any entry that may breach the rules of the contest or of our ToS!
    • No exceptions for participation outside of the set time frame will be given. Sorry!
    • Every submission to this contest can and will be used by Aeria Games and/or gamigo for promotional purposes.
    • The winner will be decided by the CM team.

    We hope to see some great entries.

    Your Ironsight Team

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  • In-game Name: AK_OutOfControl

    Map Name: Berlin

    Berlin shattered after being targeted by terrorists trying cut off supply replenishment. NAF and EDEN now each trying to stress this area as it's

    a nodal point whichever occupation results in a huge advantage.

    The first picture is the general structure of the area around the "Brandenburger Tor" (Brandenburg Gate), a historical point in the history of Germany. From that picture you can get a raw idea of the battlefields' size. The area is surrounded by huge buildings, the main gunfights will take place in the open area in the middle. Following, an overview of the area.

    Here is a picture of a part of the gate, destroyed back in WW2. The huge space in the middle will contain alot of obstacles such as stapled sand bags, broken vehicles, remains of broken tanks, which creates a war scene, sorrounded by huge modern buildings which also seem heavily damaged.

    Following is a mini map, which shows my general idea. Please keep in mind, I'm not really experienced in photshop, this has taken me 1,5h to complete it. :)

    Weapon of choice: Pixel K2C


    • minimap.png

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  • In-Game ID: ShoppingCart

    Weap of choice. any SMG.

    Map title: CHINA TOWN

    Description: Los Angeles, ChinaTown, is a beautiful place at with great food, that is why it should be in this game. It would be a good map for CQC and has long straight passages that is perfect for sniper game play. Why are soldiers here you ask, there is a hide out for EDEN planing their acts of terrorism. We need to take control of their BO(Base of Operations) to prevent any further attack in the city.

    Real Life Photo


    Load Screen


    Mini Map


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  • In-game Name: Misfire

    Map Name: Oasis

    Description: One of the key locations for both NAF and EDEN to take control over. Around this location has a massive oil reserves underground which would increase dramatically NAF or EDEN operation effectiveness around the world. The map features oasis adobe houses and tons of hilly terrain for all sorts of engagements or the map can just focus more on the building areas. The map would look more like the second picture with buildings and the first picture with dunes. Here is a minimap and its not to scale. There will be hills between the spawn areas and sides to prevent spawn trapping from the other side.

    weapon: pixel p90


    <3Yellow Star with dark Background<3

    <3Celebrations DSR<3

    <3Quickscoping most of the time<3





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  • n-game Name: hokabi

    Map Name: Tokyo city

    Description: The security of one of spy agents of EDEN has been compromised. after NAF find this leak of information. they have decided to send a group of mercenaries to exterminate him. EDEN has intersect the attack in the middle of the city.as concecuence a war has started. the information of the spy could lead to the locations of the exprimental weapons of NAF. To destroy them, or take them for them. so that once and for all they can force the members of NAF to surrender.


    for this map i have the idea of a two level map. been the main one the center of tokyo with the access to the second one been under the other. the second one would be the metro. for this map i have categorize every object with a diferent color so i can explain what represents.

    in the metro.

    the color green is for the pillars

    the color purple and orange represent to objects where you put your ticket

    the color blue is for the stairs. that connect both levels

    the color pink is for the cabins where you can buy a ticket

    the color red is the train that blocks the path because it went off the rails

    and the brigth green are those sewer covers they also conect to the upper level

    in the city

    the bright green represent the entrance to the metro

    the color blue represent some cars and busses left for the people that runaway from the place

    the darker green represent the sewer covers

    the color purple and brown represent some bussines. the could be anything. i would like a cafe and the other one could a fashion shop

    the color yellow represents some cars the could be from each faction. the main porpuse of this ones are so the map has some limits and the player can´t run faw away

    one thing i would like to ask is to make the map in the night. because the lights of the buildings would look better. and if you could add a few advertisements in the metro seccion so it doesn´t look plain it would be nice.

    weapon: Angry Monkey FAMAS G2

  • In-game Name: lBlackDemonl
    Map Name: Favela
    Description: Within the blocks, houses, and obstacles that the Favela has, experts will have to avoid the bomb explosion, from adapting strategy or adapting opponents to their bullets. The diversity and colors on the map are very comprehensive, even though it is a small map, it requires full attention of the individuals in preparation. In addition, it shows the Brazilian culture in the walls and in their ways of expressing their environments.


    Image MAP: https://imgur.com/x3JAQcv

    Orange Weapon of Choice (from the time of the 1st of November): Fire Monkey AK-12

  • Hello everyone,

    I'll bring one location to your attention, that is not pretty far away from my city.

    IGN: Gamga
    Place: Beelitz Heilstätten [Beelitz Sanatorium (Surgery)] - G-Maps
    Map-Name: Sanatorium
    Weapon: Fire Monkey AK-12


    The Beelitz-Heilstätten is a town with an old hospital complex with about 60 buildings. The following building is the surgery complex with a length of 159,58m and an area about 4020m² and 4 Floors. It has 80 Beds, 6 staircases, 1 electrical lift, 3 surgery rooms, 1 x-ray institution, 1 pharmacy and 2 big bathrooms.
    It had an outer area with a well and a garden. Today, the area is dilapidated and the walls partly broken down. The nature occupied the building and the well.


    The blueprint is attached and has been simplified as good as possible. It would be still possible to remove some rooms or combine them. It is improveable, but it was the best I could produce in a short time.
    Edit: There should be a second floor, for additional space.


    The pictures are showing the stairwells, the lift, the facade and the internal structure. More would be possible, but isn't requested here.

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  • so uh

    IGN: Stargirl

    Map: Neon Fortress

    Description: A crime-ridden and unregulated enclave in formerly British-occupied Hong Kong, this triad-filled miniature city serves as a key access point for the less-than-legal operations conducted by both the NAF and EDEN. As such, each side is working hard to drive the other out of the decrepit alleys and rooftops, but at about a dozen stories up, one misstep could leave you flattened on the ground below. The open roofs and collapsed south side allow the belligerents to call in drones for support.


    Realistic-ish location in Kowloon Walled City:


    Orthogonal floor plans (top left is viewing from 30 degrees south of west):


    Kind of inaccurate sample POVs:


    Orange WoC: idk

  • IGN: FrX

    Map: Snowpark

    Description: The idea was to make an indoor snowpark, based in the Snowland, located in Gramado, Brazil. The place have a snow part, where is the mountain with a floater slide, beyond the sky/snowboard pist, and a non snow part, where you can find some shops, restaurants, ice skating and others things.

    Weapon: Angry Monkey MP7A1


    - Real Life Photo -


    - Mini Map -


    - Other photo -


    - Indoor Snowpark project -


  • In-game Name: 4evabreeze

    Map Name: Fujisawa - Future City

    Description: Fujisawa, a city of the future in Japan. The whole city works smart, consuming less natural resources. It has car-sharing services, electric bicycles, and solar-powered homes that, in turn, combine a futuristic game theme, a small part of the city with homes, streets and eco-friendly locations is conducive to fighting short distance.





    Weapon of choice: Blaser R93 Angry Monkey

  • Dear Participants,

    First of all we'd like to apologize for the delay! Second, thanks to all of you for participating in this event! It was a pleasure to look through these awesome artworks and ideas!

    Congratulations to our winner!

    The rewards for the winner and the participation rewards have been sent out! Thanks again for participating and we hope to see you again in out next events!

    Your Ironsight Team