[IRL-Event] Get to Da Chopper!

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    A trained mercenary is the best asset there is! With that in mind, HQ has prepared a special exercise for our agents deployed in the field!

    One of our officers will be sent to a public location. Your objective: find this operative among the crowd before he leaves the area of operation!

    Can you hunt down a Target of Interest in time? Only one way to find out...

    We are glad to announce that one of our Community Managers, Chopper, will attend this year's Gamescom in Cologne Germany! For the occasion, we are giving all Ironsight players attending the venue, a chance to meet with him and get some rewards on top!

    Chopper will drop hints of his location on our Twitter so keep an eye out!


    You can simply participate by finding Chopper at the Gamescom venue or the gamigo party in Cologne, Germany! Once you find him, take a picture with him and send it to us via twitter with your in-game Callsign as well as the @ironsightEN mention and the hastag #Get2DahChopper.


    Every valid Tweet sent will receive a Bounty Box!

    On top of that, we will enter all valid participants in a raffle and one lucky winner will get a permanent Celebration Skin of their choice!


    The event will take place from Thursday 23rd of August until Friday 24th of August at both Gamescom and the gamigo Party!


    • Only 1 account eligible per valid participation
    • Only valid participants will receive the reward and enter the raffle
    • Only the in-game name submitted will receive the rewards

    We hope to see you there!

    Your Ironsight Team