5V5 tournaments saturday 28/07

  • Hi !

    I organise a tournament 5v5 at Saturday !

    U just need to be 5 and register your team here : https://esportsquare.net/

    And when you are 5 u must to go there : https://esportsquare.net/tournament/VKzhgNXH_mvi

    Be careful ! The creator of the team must to be a player ( in your profile of team u can change ! )

    Cashprize ?!

    Yes thanks u ironsight! 150 for the first ! 100 for the second and 50 for the third !

    And a stream and cast ?

    Yes ! This tournament will be cast & stream !

    I ll annonced soon the stream !

  • I really appreciate the organization but for the next one it would be better to announce it at least a week before :(

    edit: A question: is there a minimum number of teams to start the tournament?

  • I was announced on twitter and official discord but i'm from belgium and i forgot to announced in en channel , de channel ,.. sorry ! :(

    But if some team participate , it ll become a "league" with cashprize for the end !

    No ! If we are 5 team , it's not a problem !