smol suggestions/requests

  • haii, i feel like a lot of things were taken away from the game almost pointlessly over the last few updates so i'm making a little list (with my reasoning behind why i think so underneath) to see if i'm the only one annoyed by the little things or other peeps would also like to see them tweaked : )
    just a heads-up, the descriptions are probably gonna be really long so i bolded the suggestions on their own if you just wanna take a quicc squiz

    anyway, here's the list:

    1 - Teammate indicator through objects and walls and especially windows
    I know some people don't like mistaking teammates for enemies when they line up perfectly in a doorway or whatever but in modes like SnD it's absolutely crippling when the enemy team uses a UAV jammer and you get jump scared by your own teammates causing you to give away your own location. Also the fact that the tag doesn't show through windows is even more annoying especially since you can't see your teammates on the minimap if they're out of range. again, this is an insignificant feature for most people and some people like it more the way it is now but can we at least get a toggle button for people who do prefer to keep tabs on their teammates?

    2 - The glint in the rifle scope available for some ARs

    I'm not sure if it was always this way or I only began to notice this after the downtown update, but I realised aiming down sight gives away your location if you're using the rifle scope which is a huge shame considering the game is already way too generous with the tight hipfire on almost all the weapons but now seems to even punish you for trying to earn your accuracy. It's understandable for actual sniper rifles to have the scope glint since they have a much higher range so visibility is an important aspect of their balancing but on semi-auto ARs or even the regular ones it feels too harsh if you're trying to peek an angle to yeet the enemy faster only to have your location given away instantly by the bright light marking you for an ez headshot.

    3 - Inspecting weapon while sprinting

    This one is so insignificant that most people probably haven't even noticed it but inspecting weapon was one of the little features I enjoyed the most when going on a jog to flank or get to a good spot. I don't know if it was a bug that stopped us from being able to do this or it was done purposely but I see no point in it being taken away since never gave an unfair advantage over just bobbing the weapon up and down while sprinting ( booooringgggg ). I also noticed some of the weapons like the deagle had a slicc animation and was wondering if they were ever gonna make more for the other weapons or even just for the high tier skins (would add a new depth to the blue tier skins in my opinion since the blue skins don't really have anything separating them between the green tier ones besides the metallicc texture on some of them).

    4 - Rotating weapon models the whole way around

    I'm not sure if this one was ever in the game although I do remember when I first started playing we had the ability to turn the 2d models (like gp boosters and weapon cards etc) all the way around but this was eventually taken out of the game - which I agree with since it was pretty pointless to have in the first place but weapon models are a different story since not all of them are symmetrical and it'd be pretty sweet if we could appreciate the design of the weapon by being able to see both sides. I noticed we can still turn the character models a full 360 which is another reason why not being able to turn the weapon models irks me so much lol.

    I spent a good 15 minutes writing this and don't wanna keep spamming suggestions but if you read to this point I really appreciate you hehe

    P.S. feel free to leave any smol suggestions you think are important or if you disagree with any of my ideas feel free to start a discussion in the comments : )
    P.P.S. this is my first post on this forum so idk how bumps work here but if you could like this or whatever to bump it up i'd appreciate you even more since the CMs might see it and consider passing some feedbacc to the devs one day <3

    ~ Kustard

  • Wait the rifle scope gives out a glare like sniper scopes? That doesn't seem right, I don't see any glare from enemy rifle scope users.

    yuhh, like i said, i only noticed it after the downtown update but it may have been like that since forever. if you don't see the glare on enemy rifle users they probably weren't aiming down sight which is what annoys me even more - what's the point of earning your accuracy if hipfire is already easier in most situations and not only that, you get punished for aiming down sight as well