Community Update #18

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    The Community Update #18 has arrived and we have to tell you, it’s the last of its kind. We’ve decided to change the format of our Ironsight updates from next week on! So buckle up, read all the Ironsight news below and get ready for the last Community Update with this format!

    Weekly Highlights

    Your Community Update will evolve!

    In order to always improve our communication with our community, we decided to revamp the Community Updates! We will stop publishing them in their current state and instead, every 2 weeks, we will publish a Highlight news (the name is still a work in progress) which will contain our selection of player-created content and the latest news from our community: clips, tournament announcements, montages, fanarts… and more!

    As for updates from our team, we will give more attention to the game as the core of our communication.

    The HQ reports and Weekly Highlights will merge into one single format giving you a clearer overview on what has been done, what is planned for the future, and how we plan to do it.

    Additionally, we will have more frequent news on a variety of topics that would cover the following:

    • Game features reviews
    • New content guides
    • Giveaways
    • Monthly stats (we will be sharing every month some specific numbers about gameplay, weapon usage, most played maps, and so on…)
    • Standalone news about specific topics, for example, a new team member, addressing a specific feedback, and so on...

    Please also note that we will no longer maintenance announcements on our website’s news section and on our Facebook page. We will however still announce it on Twitter and Discord as well as on our game launcher, so keep an eye out.

    This is still a work in progress, so bear with us! Feel free to share any feedback regarding this new format on our Forums.

    HQ Report #2

    Charly just got back from his mission in South Korea! He brought us some nice insights and some top-secret information! Right now, he is working on a debriefing with Reeds in order to let you, mercenaries, know about what’s going on in Ironsight. It should be published early next week, so stay tuned ;)

    Mods Interview Update

    Our moderator applicants are currently being interviewed by the CM Team and soon we will have new recruits in the Moderator Team for our Discord and Forum! If you are an applicant and already went through the interview, keep an eye on your email inbox.

    Partners Review Update

    There are only a few partners remaining to review. As soon as the last applicants have been reviewed, we will send all the replies at once. So watch that email inbox for our answer in the following week.

    Coming Up

    The HQ Report #2 should be published next week, as mentioned above. After that, we will stop publishing the Community Updates and will go live with the new communication format! Look out for more news about it.

    As summer is closing in, we are about to launch several Summer Events on our Forum! Keep an eye out for great prizes and funny challenges!

    On top of that, we are setting a new in-game event with the CMs! You will play some matches with Chopper, Flloyd and/or Splashy and maybe win some in-game goodies!

    Clips of the week

    This week, we have some clips and we know you like them, but we also have some fanart! All of this coming directly from our lovely community! Keep it coming!

    Sparky1 witnesses an unfortunate accident on the Oceanfront map.

    Lemonsupreme7 wins this SnD round thanks to an unprepared enemy mercenary!

    Here’s a Semi auto Penta from nopproblem!

    TeamProvo clears the Downtown objective with panache!

    Check out ‘Quality Control’, vnfortunately’s weapon review series!

    Stalutes64 goes on a rampage in this very impressive streak!

    Big shout-out to AnthonyCSN for his latest Ironsight video!

    For the last clip of this week, have a look at MasterControl90’s frantic frag montage!

    Here are some Fan-arts we recently spotted on Ironsight!


    Fan-art by Sewno


    Fan-art by Archon

    Before we leave we want to give a shout-out to Meyverick who will be hosting a Free-For-All tournament this weekend! There are still some open slots so if you want to participate or simply watch the stream, check out the rules, schedule and prizes here!

    You have a clip you want to share with us? Send it to us on our Twitter @IronsightEN with the hashtag #IronClip or on our Discord Channel and you might get featured in next week's highlights!

    Reminder: Please bear in mind these updates are meant to keep you informed about our short term projects. Don’t hesitate to poke us and tell us what you think about this communication format! We want to keep you in the loop as much as possible, and your feedback is always valuable. Larger topics and long-term projects and priorities will be addressed in letters from our product manager Charly as mentioned earlier.

    Keep shooting and see you in the next CM update!

    Your Ironsight Team

  • Hope to see more balanced attention across the media platforms that you hosted like tweeter, reddit and on facebook.

    About the secret info from korea i hope it'll bring more light on the plans for the game since the news that's always coming out is not much insightful and ill expect the team will be more open on info's and answering reasonable questions once the new format of community updates comes.