It's Graphein

  • Hey guys,

    So where do I start I'm Graphien (greek for programmer). I've chose that name because my profession is programming so wanted a username to represent my hobby/career.

    I came across Ironsight because me and my brothers are constantly gaming together and my youngest brother found this by watching a few YouTube videos and we decided to try it.

    My first thoughts of this game is that it's call of duty without all the bad aspects and I'm really enjoying it. How ever the only comment i need to say is that the hellbird killstreak is very over powered but I can see all the negative aspects of Ironsight being ironed out by the full release.

    What kind of games have I played? but question is really what games haven't I played. The games I'm mostly into at moment are Runescape, Rainbow Six Seige and Fornite. I still play runescape at moment as I've played ever since the release of classic so being playing 10+ years.

    If anyone has any advice on this game on which guns should I use or what's the best combination of perks, attachments and guns then please let me know.

    Also if anyone wants to add me in game then my name in game is the same as my forums name.

  • Just buy an AR57 and discover why a lot of people hate it.

    Honestly I'd say the AR57 is overrated, it's not so good as people say. It's a weapon for close range, nothing else. I recommend the AUG or AK, but of course, that depends on your playstyle. About the perks, I like to use quick reload, marathon and quick recovery.

  • AR's: SCAR-H (slow, hard-hitting), K2C (starter, decent recoil control), SG 553 (decent recoil control), AK-47 (a lot of people say it's good)

    SMG's: AR-57 (objectively best gun), MP7 (high TTK), P90 (good mag size, decent TTK), PDR-C (my personal bae)

    Tier 1 Perks: Quick Reload or Nimble Hands

    Tier 2 Perks: Double Time or Marathon, Extra Mags if you insist

    Tier 3 Perks: Blast Protection, Quick Recovery or Long Ears