WARNING: Anyone interested in "engaging" with this community, consider what I have to say.

  • I stumbled upon Ironsight when I ran out of games to play. I have pretty strict criteria my games can not be P2W, grind can not be too awful. Community should be open minded and Moderation a tool, not necessity (we will get back to this later on). What I am talking about is the carrot and a stick situation I found myself in lately. If you join the official Discord you will meet guy called "Flloyd" who is a Community Manager with the worst attitude I have ever seen. He is not saying anything, publicly, but... what comes to your PM is pretty interesting. If conversation is not in his favor he will send you private message to remind you what position you are in and who you are talking to and even if he is not right, but that's impossible for him to admit. CMs are overall more absent people than Moderators, the most active person is I think was Helix who is pretty nice guy. I have seen countless *administrative actions* taken against people who were just talking to each other. It's strict to the point it bends over being a bit biased with people enforcing it being very narrow minded. Situation here is it's own kind of Social Justice Warrior thing from my impressions. Game is being developed by Developers who live in Korea. It's impossible to talk to them but not because they are unable to speak English (it's intentional as I see it - makes the development the more of a mess). Moderators strictly follow the code of conduct which I find too strict for this kind of game and community. Expectations are that of a Club Penguin in a game about blood and killing. It's not about one's attitude towards other players but at first glance minor and normal interaction things can be reason for taking actions. Game itself is a clone of Call of Duty with some Battlefield elements but Competitive aspect is non existent with all the net-code mess and snipers as they are currently. I promised to get back to Flloyd and the whole CM thing... well, my problem with it is (what is it?) they seem to not have too much experience and they are unsure what their game is reason behind my thinking here is the easy going (don't care) vibe I am getting. Since I joined it could tell what the problems of this game are after few hours. It's still not a problem enough for people in charge here they are debating as if to add more skins/boxes to the game. This game is screaming for proper balancing and it's going to take forever with people who are in power right now. They are looking down on others while not having any experience themselves besides moderating some chats it's hardly enough with the problems this game currently has.

    Summing things up, it's a bit of waste of your time. You will spend your money and it's not certain what the future holds for this game. I am afraid it's not bright because some people here are so unlikable. Saying HI/Hello like a bot does not mean you are nice person. I hope more people will realize that and take a better look at details of things. Well, so this was my convo as to why I am abandoning Ironsight. I will definitely not buy anything from Aeria Games and Gamigo, mark my words!


  • Hey k4far,

    We're always listening to the community as much as possible, and actually take your feedback into consideration when prioritizing our next steps (our community survey is a good example of this approach, but we also check individual pieces of feedback).

    That being said, I suggest you to try to be a little bit more understanding in the future. I believe you are overestimating our resources.

    You assume a lot of things which aren't always true, and refuse the explanations you're given when we patiently try and explain, which isn't really what I would call a productive discussion. Constructive feedback is always welcome, but players proposing only negative (and borderline insulting) comments and posing as victims when they get moderated waste the time of our community managers for little to no benefit.

    I'm closing the topic, I'm sure you won't mind since you're already gone, I wish you all the best on your next game / in your next community :)