Guide: Clans

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    Today we are going to do something a little different. A good soldier is a trained, competent and prepared one! It's all well and good to know how to fight, but today we will stay at HQ and review the basics. I'm tired of having to answers the same questions over and over so listen carefully and take note of everything I am going to teach you today!

    This topic will introduce the clan system.

    Click one of these to jump straight to the section of your choice:

    I - Basic

    II - Search

    Thank you for your time and should you have more question, please don't hesitate to contact a moderator or a community manager.

    Your Ironsight Team.

  • I - Basic

    A. Having no clan


    1. Search Clan

    Redirects you to the Search Clan tab.

    2. Create Clan

    Opens a menu to create your clan.

    B. Having a clan


    1. Clan Info

    Features clan info including: Clan Name, Foundation date, Recruitment Condition, Leader and Rank (not yet implemented).

    2. Clan News
    Features clan news according to News Settings (3).

    3. News Settings

    Select the news you want or doesn't want to see. Available settings: Join/Leave, Notice, System Message and Ranking Battle Results (not yet implemented).

    4. Leave Clan

    Leaves the clan after confirming.

    5. Manage Clan

    Opens Manage Clan menu to edit the Clan Summary and Recruitment conditions.

    Note: This button is only visible for the Clan Leader.

    6. Notice

    Opens a menu where you can prompt a message containing up to 128 characters.

    Note: This button is only visible for the Clan Leader.

    7. Member List

    Features the full member list. Right click on a player for more actions. Available actions: Invite to party, Add friend, Promote (Leader only), Demote (Leader only), Kick (Leader and Deputy only).

  • II - Search


    1. Search

    Searches for a clan (type name + enter).

    2. List of Clans

    Displays the 45 clans with highest amount of players (Full clans are not displayed by default). Click on a Clan to have more information.

    3. Members amount

    Displays the number of players currently in this clan. The Max players number is 50 per clan.