Ranked mode party system

  • I cant see any reason why they would make it so that parties cannot play ranked together. It really just limits how competitive ranked is. Without a voice chat system implemented communication is very minimal even though communication is very important in ranked play. Not allowing parties to play together only limits the communication more. Some might say that allowing parties to play together would ruin the balance but if a voice chat system was add this would essentially level the playing field since strangers could better communicate with each other just like members of a party could. I could understand the requirement that party members need to be similar ranks to play together but outright banning party play in ranked seems ridiculous to me. Hope they change this soon.

  • Total agreed with you , what`s the point if you cant play with friends or clan mambers , this is what i was speaking about good ideas , this is what competetive is all about , not random bad ideas , good job my brother i really appriciate you , very good.