Weekly Mod Hunt!

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    HQ is deploying High Value Targets on the field. Your mission is to locate them and assist them in completing their objectives. Find them and follow the instructions given before other agents reach them.

    We are kicking off our weekly ingame event! Every week, a Moderator will play some Ironsight with the community! They will open Custom match rooms on EU, NA and SA servers and give you specific rules to complete. Meeting the Mods requirements will give you a prize. Not only that, but access to the rooms might also be locked with a hidden password that will be given to those who solve a puzzle, answer a question correctly or the quickest to perform a specific task!

    This is your chance to show our team what you got, chill in a fun custom game with the team and perhaps get some prizes on top!

    So keep an eye out on our Discord where we will announce the start of each weekly hunt and give you the instructions.


    The event will start every Saturday between 5PM and 6PM CEST. (between 7AM and 8AM PST)


    All winners will get a Bounty Box containing:

    • 3 Days GP & EXP Boost
    • 3 Supply Boxes
    • 1 Angry Monkey Box


    . The Prize will be the same for each winner meeting the requirements.

    . You can only win 1 prize per weekly hunt.

    . Access to the game room may require a specific task to be done.

    . The Moderators decision is final and will determine who accesses the room and gets the prize.

    . We will announce the instructions to access the Mod Hunt room on our Discord Server

    Happy hunting!

    Your Moderation Team.