My Experience With Ironsight [Feedback and Suggestions]

  • Hi all!

    I just found out about Ironsight a couple of days ago and I must say it’s a very good game which captures all the things I like about arcade-like FPS games. For a free game it’s very reasonable and I love the system it employs, it never feels like something you want is out of reach behind pay-walls which is extremely refreshing given other f2p games hound you for money. If this game was going for a full release I’d happily pay £20-£30 for the experience (given that the f2p elements are removed in favour of levelling like in typical triple-A titles). So good job developers!

    I have noticed a couple of things I’d like to address, nothing major but I would hope these would be implemented ASAP given they would be small but necessary changes.

    Changes that I think should be made:

    1. Health regen should be slightly faster (maybe 10% faster by default)

    2. You should be allowed to change your class during game starting intermission

    3. There should be progress bars around your gun within the loadout screen to show you the current level progress your weapon is at

    4. Like for quad and penta-kills, double and triple kills should have their own medals

    5. When you are killed by another player it should show you on screen the health of the player who killed you at that time

    Like I said, there’s nothing major I think you devs got it spot on so far. Just for polishing purposes. 😊

    I also have some suggestions for the game which I would hope you devs would implement:

    1. An ability to create custom content – this seems like a game I’d LOVE to make content for, I’m experienced in CoD’s Radiant mapping tool and I would love to contribute to the project by making some sort of content. 😊 (might be a little bit wishful thinking lol)

    I believe that this system should be adopted when thinking of community content:

    a. Only allow custom maps to be hosted on custom matches

    b. If a map is popular enough then it could be chosen (e.g. in an event of some kind) to be in the official rotation

    2. I see that there are 2 missing game-mode slots in the menus so I have some ideas for modes that you could implement:

    a. Infected – A classic in the modern FPS genre, one person at random is chosen to be infected with only a knife and possible a tactical grenade and when they kill a member of the “survivors” team they too become infected. Game ends when either time runs out (survivors win) or everyone is infected (infected win).

    b. Domination – A simple mode which is very well known. Three flags around the map and each team is tasked with capturing them all, for each flag captured the capture team receives 1 point every 3 seconds. Game ends when a score limit is reached or time limit expires.

    c. Deathzone Express (a WIP title haha) – An idea inspired by the “Cranked” game-mode from the modern warfare series. Essentially, each person has a 10-15 second timer before they automatically die. For every kill a person gets they receive 5 seconds bonus time, they also receive a boost in health per kill (not max health). Game ends after time limit expires and whoever gets the most kills is the winner.

    d. Deathmatch – Simple classic FPS mode where instead of teams it’s simply a big free-for-all, could be an easy mode to implement for fun.

    I hope the devs look at my feedback and I’ll happily clarify anything if it’s not clear 😊.

    Thank you for reading, keep it up devs!


    - Ping998

  • Welcome! Nice post!

    Just thought I'd let you know that there is a perk that quickens health regen that maybe you could try out.

    Also, new game modes will come in future (they're being worked on/being released soon) so that is probably the reason for the gap you see ^^ FFA is also available in custom games for now if you want to play that mode ^^

  • Welcome! Nice post!

    Just thought I'd let you know that there is a perk that quickens health regen that maybe you could try out.

    Also, new game modes will come in future (they're being worked on/being released soon) so that is probably the reason for the gap you see ^^ FFA is also available in custom games for now if you want to play that mode ^^

    Thank you! I have tried the health regen perk however I didn't really notice the difference (could just be me tho lol), I think I'm meaning the time delay before health regen kicks in, I've felt that's been a bit too slow in my opinion. :)

    Didn't know about the FFA mode in custom games but thank you! :D

  • 1.You are right, player should lose no health at all, when you get shot you should get extra health, even if that means going over the default 100.

    2. Game has no classes.

    3. Gun progress bars are way too convenient and aren't required.

    5. Agreed, as well as how much damage you've dealt to them too.

    Go on, create content, nobody will care, they will feature it in a "community update" thread and forget about it.

    Infected is not a classic, it's something that gives FPS games a bad name

    The devs will look into your feedback as much as they did into mine which I've been sending since November 2017 and implement it into the game. Trust me, they really care.

    (Sarcasm mode disabled)

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  • I can already taste the salt coming from this post.

  • It will be coming from you too later when you realize the team don't care about anything else but making money unless you quit by then.

    My account is the 55th registered on the forum, that's how much I was hyped once, until I realized there is no salvation for this game and nobody cares. I don't want it to fail or insult it, but it has already failed. You're too late to the show. Feel as much salt as you want, I can give you pepper, butter and bread so you can make a toast and eat something.

    I was on their Discord a few months ago and almost every two days there was server maintenance to fix errors. The netcode in this game is garbage. I'm running into a room, I look around, everything is clear, I proceed to move on, next to me shows up an enemy and kills me before I can even react. That's Habib from who knows where who wants to plat the game, but servers aren't provided for his region so he plays on whatever servers are closest to him. I don't blame Habib for wanting to have fun, I blame the netcode, because it favors laggers over people with good ping.

    If you live in Europe you should play on North America server to have a good time and if you live in North America, you should play in Europe server respectively in order to have a good time.

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  • I honestly don't care if they listen to me or not, I'm just here to give my two cents and give feedback on their game. Better than keeping my mouth shut, at least one of the developers now has a little bit of food for thought. Regardless, I know what I've suggested and I'm glad I did. :)

    I haven't run into much problems lag-wise for the game, I guess I'm just lucky in that regard. Been pretty smooth all round for me, it's unfortunate you had that experience.