Squads should not be playing against random players but other premade teams!

  • I know matchmaking is already struggling to keep up with our activity but I keep seeing 4 man platoons against me and some new players. They are literally shredding. Why not pair them up against a different platoon / two smaller groups that also use a voice chat? I wish this issue would be taken seriously It's really nice people find Ironsight fun enough to call their friends over but it's a bit of overkill as it is now. I am a moody player and nobody I know is playing this game yet and I do not feel like being pesky about it. So yeah playing with my own friends is a solution but please keep in mind it's not always possible due to various reasons.

  • The player base is too small for things like this at the moment... Everyone is just matched with anyone just to get lobbies full. But I agree it should 100% change in the future when it gets a lot bigger. Low levels should always be with low levels and same with groups being with groups.