Let us chose maps for matchmaking!

  • I think I like Dam the most for Search and Destroy and I am totally okay with having a vote on what map is next etc. but what about ongoing games that need players. I could supply one of the games and just play on the map I want. What do you think?

  • On the screen allowing you to select the match, mode (mission, match, competitive etc.)

    It would be nice to have ability to select which map you want to play exactly and outside of custom games that already offer you this because it's entirely different. I think that's understandable now.

  • Ah, ok. I get it. Yes, it would be a nice little feature, but you might end up joining ending matches though.

    Personally, I would like to use this feature, but it seems that the devs will only add this when the playerbase is larger

  • So that less popular maps never get full lobbies?

    People will keep leaving maps they do not like anyway you either give them control or problem will remain on both ends. Developer can fix things by balancing maps better so they become more popular. I only want to play one map and that's my choice just make it easier for me I can do it already but with issues.