An Ironsight Sniper Montage | Pinhead ft. BAC

  • I don't like it. Not your video specifically, but the idea generally. It's just a game, but ...

    You - like millions before you think that a sniper rifle makes you a sniper. The online FPS world dies because of people doing this and it's no surprise that these games get abandoned before they are even released. There is no sense of function, no tactic, just a bunch of kids sprinting with your rifle and shooting people in the face from close distance. I don't see any fun in that...

    Let me quote a wiki page:

    "A sniper is a military/paramilitary marksman who operates to maintain effective visual contact with the enemy and engage targets from concealed positions or at distances exceeding their detection capabilities"

    Nice opening sequence though ;-)

  • FPS games are not a real life military simulator

    ... no of course not, but then why not use a sniper rifle as a knife, or throw it on people ;-) I think the makers of this game designed the weapons to be as realistic as possible, for people to use them according to their purpose.

    I've got nothing against you personally, but there's a large part of the community that complains about snipers because they do what you do.

    If this game dies, so called 'assault snipers' will be part of the reason because they they take away the fun from this game.

    I've got nothing more to add, peace! :)

  • this looks sooo good keep up the great work! :) wich programm do you use and wich one is a good for free I wanted to try this too! c: <3

    Dione, I use Adobe After Effects to edit. However, its the only editing software I use because I pay for a monthly subscription so I'm not in a position to point you in the right direction for a good free software.

  • It's neat and all, nice opening, the music isn't bad. But in the end it's just another one of a million quick-scope videos on youtube and it does get rather dull after watching about 30 seconds of zoom in, zoom out, zoom in, zoom out, zoom in....

    Plus a collection of best of quick-scope kills from a 1000 hours of recorded play isn't really all that impressive, to be honest.

    Not that I'm a great player myself, but if anything about a FPS sniping video on youtube is in any way interesting for me to see, then it's uncut play scenes with really impressive kill streaks without abuse of aim assists etc.

    I'm sorry, you're obviously skilled making that opening and cutting it all together nicely, but this video really just won't leave a lasting impression on me due to the lack of showing anything really worth watching.

    Next time try making a video with some information or with humor or hey! Even better with boobs instead of pixel guns! ;)

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  • this looks sooo good keep up the great work! :) wich programm do you use and wich one is a good for free I wanted to try this too! c: <3

    Hello. You can try out sony vegas 15 for a free 30days on their website. You can create almost any edit style you could think of. I made a oldschool type edit on my Youtube, should be a link in my signature if you're interrested,-

  • I do. People gotta stop hating on snipers, and learn to deal with them. I play sniper myself 99% of the time, but when i do use an smg or assault rifle, i have no trouble at all dealing with snipers. There is alot of cons of using one, and if you know the cons, then use them against us. We really aint that hard to kill. Snipers works like this in any game out there exept for bf. But bf has 100x larger maps, so one shotting isnt necessary(spellcheck). Call of duty 1shot, counterstrike 1shot, blacksquad 1shot, AvA 1shot, crossfire 1shot, warface 1shot, suddenattack 1shot, CA 1shot.. Im sure there is a very few others, but hardly known games who don't deal with snipers 1shotting, but this is just how they work.

  • It's also the editing IMO. I spent a lot of time with editors (and have been one myself for 2 large groups/ editing my own videos for years), and I have to say the edit itself is terribly generic. Not too overblown, and not bad. Just generic. The flash effect, rumble, speed up slow down. Its all Faze circa 2008 kind of stuff.

  • I know it's off topic here and I personally like sniping and semi automatic rifles in games more than the full auto run and jump around and spray and pray style of play.

    But All the games in that list you mentioned as working the same naturally also way share THE SAME problem(s) and in ALL of them the players chronically and frequently complain about the same hand full of issues in chat ALL DAY LONG.

    Yes they all work like that and have one hit kill sniper rifles etc. but that doesn't really make them all any better!

    Of course one can have different views on one hit kill close quarters quick-scope "sniping" and it's okay to have it like that.

    BUT the regular full auto guns in these games are NOT one hit kill, not even with a headshot. Some games at least have shotguns that do kill with one hit. This game here has a crossbow as secondary that does, but that is sadly even trickier to use than a sniper rifle.

    So the full auto players that should have an advantage in close quarter are simply not capable of getting one shot kills no matter how skilled the player. They frequently lose duels to on hit kill snipers and then they ALWAYS feel and complain that they have the inferior gun.

    Letting those full auto weapons at least be able to get one shot kills with a headshot only, might help solving the issue somewhat, I dunno. It would certainly make the full auto gun users feel like they do have a fair chance if they can land that single shot kill with skill.

    I mentioned it in another thread before when we discussed it:

    The ONLY game that I've personally ever played that really perfectly solved the balancing issue with sniper rifle versus full auto balance is Star Wars Battlefront 1.

    And the developers from that game took a lot of nerfing and changing the balance of guns until they finally got it right.

    Even though that game of course has much larger maps, there every weapon works somewhat decently at any range with advantages and disadvantages. There you can get on slow shooting sniper blaster that only does single shot kills with a headshot.

    The semi auto style sniper blaster needs 2 shots and has a slightly higher TTK at short ranges than other weapons.

    The full auto and burst fire blasters have a shorter TTK at close ranges with different damage drop (which increases the effective TTK) and they have different recoil and scopes and different amount of "ammo" (in this case shots until the blaster overheats) etc.

    But with very few exceptions all the weapons there are still competitive nearly anywhere and more or less useable at a pretty big range of distances.

    Even in the hands of a skilled player the semi auto style of sniper blaster there loses about 2 out of 3 fights at close range but wins about 3 out of 5 or even more at long range to very long ranges.( Those extend far beyond what the maps in this game offer of course)

    But aside from the gun balance Star wars Battlefront also offers a whole different and much better variety of other gadgets and weapon, like healing, shields, jetpacks, grenades, mines, turrets, vehicles..... And it certainly still is a pretty fast paced shooter even though it has large maps and long fights.

    But most importantly probably do the maps in that game truly excel in quality!

    There they are really designed truly brilliantly!

    They just offer so much more variety and so many spots and tricks that just allow for a lot more creative gameplay ( depending on the equally well designed missions) than in other shooters. Including this one here.

    Even maps with dominantly close quarter combat have a whole lot of (not always obvious) spots for shooting over longer distances, hiding and letting others walk by, setting traps taking cover etc...

    You can really play that game a whole year and still get to be surprised by players with new tricks and spots they use to their advantage.

    Of course all shooters more or less allow these things as well, but the maps in many games - and sadly also in this game here, are just designed in a way that effectively limits the style of combat and the strategies to a rather simple "one dimensional" type of game play in comparison to Star Wars Battlefront 1 (and 2 or the battlefield series games).

    The design of the maps here is not really bad and they look nice and al, but most of the maps are very improvable and designed with a too simple approach.

    In most maps there are hardly any areas where different styles of fighting and weapons work and can compete really well. Often there's not very much opportunities for crossfire, not much opportunities for providing cover fire for your teammates, sometimes even for flanking your own team mates etc.

    The objectives could also be placed better here, the missions could be a lot more creative:

    Like for example having two teams stealing cargo from the opponents base, freeing and escorting a hostage or delivering a transport. Adding things like that if well done could for example just make the game a lot better and more fun to play.

    But I know it is ONLY BETA and it is far from done.

    And f course it's a good game nonetheless, and I don't want to rant or put it down by being overly critical.

    But like the video the game is just "too generic" and far too similar to all the other COD shooter clones.

    That's why I honestly fear it could have a really hard time becoming VERY popular and profitable for the makers.

    It's free o play and the developers deserve A WHOLE LOT of respect for what this is already, no doubt!

    But it is and does feel sort of years behind other shooters and a bit more innovative gameplay with better mission and better maps and slightly better balanced weapons could EASILY change that and make it feel less like a COD clone!

    Other than that, sorry for all this long off topic text!

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  • FANTASTIC!!! love to see the time and effort people put into there videos, brilliant clips, very talented as a player and editor :)

  • You can't run in many other games with such speed and so kill with a sniper rifle.. at first it's looks cool but now it's borring.

    Sniper rifle in this game - now it's fix numbaone.

    About the video - it's looks good with dynamics, but these shakes... hello from 2010 cs movies.

  • there is nothing to evaluate.. frags? no. everyone saw this a hundred and thousand times, a typical edit and nothing more

    Again, he can post what he wants, its not just that for me that i enjoyed it was how he edited it, something that i cannot do and personally enjoy watching people make. if you dont like it just move on maybe?