Createfile failed with 32

  • I need some assistance in resolving this quite frustrating error that occurs when I play Ironsight.

    I am able to play Ironsight for a few matches, and randomly it closes out completely. When I go to launch the game again, I login and then an error pertaining to Easy Anti-Cheat appears that says, "Createfile failed with 32". The only way that I have found to temporarily resolve this error is by rebooting my computer. I have tried many things that people have suggested on the internet, but have been able to resolve my issue.

    Here is the list of things I have tried:

    Reinstalling the game.

    Repairing Easy Anti-Cheat and Reinstalling it.
    Made sure DirectX and Visual C++ are updated.
    Tried to add both Easy Anti-Cheat and Ironsight to the apps allowed through Windows Firewall. (Not sure if I did it properly though)
    Made sure to have Windows updated.

    I've attached a screenshot of the error.


    Thanks for all the assistance, it is greatly appreciated!

  • go into your ironsight folder and open the properties of the launcher.exe. under the compatibility tab choose to run it as windows 7 compatibility

    Sorry to get back to you so late!

    Unfortunately though, it seems that did not fix my issue. My game still crashed and gave the same error. Thanks for the suggestion though!

  • do you have an antivirus running in the background? Can you try to add your ironsight folder to the exclusions?

    I don't have any third party anti-virus programs running or installed. The only thing running in the background is windows defender, which I suspect could be causing the problem. If windows defender can cause a problem, how would I go about making sure to fix it?