Community Update #12

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    The 12th Community Update is here! What piece of news did you miss? What is the Community Management team preparing for you? Find all the answers below!

    Weekly Highlights

    Hotfix applied

    During this week’s maintenance, we applied a small patch with some Localization changes and an EAC hotfix.

    AMA with Charly

    In case you missed it, our Product Manager Charly did an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on the Ironsight subreddit. You can read the questions and Charly’s answers here!


    Forum Background Design Event

    Our Forums need to freshen up! We want to add a new background to our collection and we decided to let YOU create it! Have a look here.

    Sarah Browning Origin Video

    Announced in our latest stream, we released our very first Origin Story. You can have a look into the tragic past of Sarah Browning! More stories will be revealed in the future! Check it out here!

    Portal issue - 07/06

    Our portal experienced issues on the morning of June 7th which prevented our players from reaching several of the Aeria Games services including access to the website and login to the Ironsight servers. Shortly after receiving the report on Thursday morning (CET Time), the issue was fixed. We apologize for the inconvenience.

    Gamigo Gamers Party


    Save the date! The Gamigo Gamers Party will once more take place at Gamescom in Cologne! Get your ticket here before they run out!

    Coming Up

    We are currently working on some changes to the launcher and the website in general. Additionally, we will add archive sections to our forum to display past topics of interests. Further on, we are already testing some new changes that will come in the near future to the game. Stay tuned for more updates on it soon!

    Clips of the week

    An unexpected content creator, great kills and music montages are part of this week’s clips. Check them out below and give them some Iron love!

    One Triple Kill isn’t enough for thedinosaur_xox!


    You’ll never see cupofkoffee’s jump crossbow shot coming!


    Watch as syleaths aces the enemy team without breaking a sweat!


    DansomeWoja makes good use of his Throwing axe!

    Check out SinisterEternity’s latest ironsight music montage!

    epixLarious is back! This time with a fantastic Penta kills Compilation!

    Check out iRpz Nations Minitage.

    Our partner Emo cheesecake is running a giveaway until June 17th!

    This week, we want to give a special thanks to jackfrags for giving Ironsight a try and reviewing it in his latest video!

    We also want to give a shoutout to UnLeashedNetwork for their review of Ironsight!

    Before we wrap this Community Update, we wanted to share with you what is cooking on the competitive community side!

    The 1st Season league from Esport Hub has reached an end but get ready for the next season later this month! Also keep an eye out for their weekly challenges and tournaments. Find the complete schedule here!

    You have a clip you want to share with us? Send it to us on our Twitter @IronsightEN with the hashtag #IronClip or on our Discord Channeland you might get featured in next week's highlights!

    Reminder: Please bear in mind these updates are meant to keep you informed about our short term projects. Don’t hesitate to poke us and tell us what you think about this communication format! We want to keep you in the loop as much as possible, and your feedback is always valuable. Larger topics and long-term projects and priorities will be addressed in letters from our product manager Charly as mentioned earlier.

    Keep shooting and see you in the next CM update!

    Your Ironsight Team

  • My opinion with hipfire:

    Improve hipfire accuracy when standing still, crouching, proning.

    Reduce accuracy when moving. Reduce it greatly when jumping. (because movement inaccuracy is non existent in this game)

    Basically, the way counter strike handles hipfire accuracy

    Is there a FlloydTV?

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  • Hey there JackLine

    The AR-57 changes were applied on last week's content update patch as the AR-57 Headshot Damage multiplier was reduced.

    Not sure if that's what you meant or nerf the weapon a bit more.

    "nerf the weapon a bit more." 100000000000000000% pls cause its the same on the sniper rifels some ppl just always can do 1hit kill (even if you take the armor skill and faster heal or so .. uncool )

  • Allways the same in all games.

    Jump and hit …. its imposible. Here not

    Not only has to be nerfed AR57.

    Fix the hack and teleport.

    Fix the aimbot and wallhack.

    Use a really anticheat.

    Fix the sprint and shoot at same time. its imposible to hit.

    More killed from hip than from scope. May be because the recoil…..

    Few maps. few games mode, ranked no Works, and much more...

    Just work on it.

    Still is beta.

  • Strange. I did not see "obvious hackers"...

    You cant shoot while sprint rofl...

    Teleports are caused by bad netcode.

    Yes, hip firing is soooo op :/

    And the other. Agree

    Jump should cause much more spread and recoil..

  • 1) I have been experiencing alot of lag and getting stuck suddenly. it really is triggering when you are playing well and get stuck in middle of the fire fight

    2) The hip fire accuracy should be reduced as most weapons with high rpm can burn through you aka "Ar-57 is too op"(Its not but the Hip-accuracy movement is).

    3) Sniper-Rifles require no skill to use you aim and shoot he is dead. A post by Misfire giving a solution is fantastic

    "Increase all base time for Sr to 0.4 seconds without scope ads time difference (each scope has its own ads time). Scopes with more than x2 magnification should have peripheral vision blackened. magnification for each scope should match their said magnification number or vice versa. The base sway (idle sway and movement sway) for the the lowest magnification should increase. The magnification should also magnify the sway respectively".

    4) Kill Streaks in competitive game-modes like S&D need to be nerfed as it eliminates the skill required in competitive play.