"Disconnected from server" madness.

  • Hey guys, im having a really good time playing this game, despite its bugs or issues, i think this game have a great potential.

    After saying that, its obvious that im interested on playing this game more seriously and more frequently, but lately it was impossible. i started playing 3 weeks ago or something like that, and i always keep getting this "Disconnected from server" error. its so frustrating, sometimes im having a really good match and this error pops up, and i can do nothing about it. All i get is a button that says "confirm". I have no other option than pressing that button or pressing the esc key, and the result is the same, game closes.

    This is really frustrating, i tried a lot of thing to solve it, but i cant. Im from Argentina, South America, and i have a good internet connection comparing to this country average connection, so it is not an internet connection problem, in fact, i have friends with worst internet connection and they dont have this error. I also tried uninstalling and installing the files separately as i read on a post, and i keep getting the error.

    So the other day i was streaming and i decided to clip just 3 different times that i got this error (i got it like 10 times during the stream) so you guys can see what error is about and understand my frustration.

    Thank you for your time, this is a great game, help me not quitting it!





    Cheers from Argentina. :thumbup: (sorry for my bad English).

  • I watched your clips. What I can say about this error is that you either have a connection cut that may cause this issue what I personally don't believe or it's an issue with easyanticheat. Try to lower your resolution and fov value and simaltanously try to contact the eac support under this link: https://www.easy.ac/en-us/support/ironsight/

    thanks, ill try that.

    Whats the relation between fov and disconnection problems?

    btw... i dont have easyanticheat installed.

  • there were reports where few players mentioned that it improved their game experience with this issue by lowering it. Also, to even start ironsight, having eac installed is mandatory. You can also find it in your game directory under easyanticheat. The setup of eac is launched by default in silent install mode right after having ironsight installed

  • Hey Nesti

    Try to do the following too:

    1. Go to C:\AeriaGames\Ironsight\easyanticheat
    2. Run EasyAntiCheat_Setup.exe with Admin rights
    3. Right click on EasyAntiCheat
    4. Choose properties
    5. Change the startup type to 'automatically' if it isn't

    Try it now, keep me or Helix updated please :P

  • Hey deadpool, thank you for the reply. illl try that and keep you guys updated.


  • Hey again Nesti

    You were right, I forgot to mention the important part....

    1. Search "Services" on your windows search and open it
    2. Now do the things I do on the video / gif I'll put down which is basically what's in the next steps
    3. Find and Right click on EasyAntiCheat
    4. Choose properties
    5. Change the startup type to 'automatically' if it isn't

    The video / gif explaining it (Starting on step 3) - Sorry that it shows in Portuguese but just follow the steps:


    See if it works and sorry, really forgot to mention the services part! :)